Friday, June 7, 2019

V8 Swapped: 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite

The Austin Healey Sprite was known as the 'Bugeye' in the US and the "Frogeye' in the UK...we can only assume that Frogs look like Bugs in dreary overcast Britain...but this next Bugeye has a spring in his step like none other.  In face, this little Frogeye wants to be a Cobra when it grows up. Find this 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite here on eBay offered for $10,500 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Anaheim, CA with a few hours to go.

 From the seller:

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Austin Healey
Modified Racer: Yes Model:
Vintage Racer: Yes Model Year: 1959

This Bugeye isn't your ordinary Bugeye. This fun, fast, street legal little collector car has a powerful 350 V8 engine with a 3-speed automatic transmission. Other modifications include front disc brakes, lever shocks, headers, shortened 9” rear differential/rear end with a spool to accommodate the big slick drag racing wheels & tires (slick racing tires included), fuel cell/fuel tank, roll cage, mag wheels and the body has been tubbed to accommodate the wheels & tires as well.  It comes with street tires plus a set of slick drag racing tires. Lever shocks are utilized at each corner and braking is improved by a front brake disc conversion and a new willow brake master cylinder. This Sprite vintage racer has not been raced in years and garage kept. The car runs and shifts well with good oil pressure. Recently the motor was tuned, the valve clearances were set, and a new carburetor was installed. You could NOT build a comparable vintage Sprite for the current price.  This great little car is full of character and personality. It is street legal. This car is sold with a Bill of Sale. 

See a better way to drive something crazy?


  1. With this power to weight ratio, would you want some sort of neck support on those seats?

  2. I half expect something like this to be the next thing to show up here

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