Friday, June 14, 2019

Ford Inline-6 Swapped: 2004 Mazda RX-8

The RX-8 was Mazda's replacement for the out of production RX-7, introduced as a last chance attempt at saving the rotary engine.  The RX-8 was built starting in 2003 and ending in 2011 when the lights went out on production of Felix Wankel's spinning machine...for now.  Anyway, the RX-8 rapidly gained the a similar reputation to the RX-7 -- specifically that it was a great car to drive, but the engine blew up faster than a Miley Cirus relationship -- which was around 62 minutes after the first spark.  So if you want to drive an RX-8 without worrying about your apex seals, you should swap in a Ford inline-6 from an F150.  Right? Find this 2004 Mazda RX-8 with Ford inline-6 offered for $1400 in Minneapolis, MN via facebash marketplace.

From the seller:

This is your premium model rx-8! Guaranteed never to break down (again) with it's stout Ford 4.9 Liter powerplant backed by a 5 speed transmission. The interior is pretty much perfect, it has everything you need except a stereo and cup holders.

Ok let's be real...
-2004 Mazda rx-8 shell
-Ford 4.9L straight 6 engine with Ford 5spd (1991 f150)
-Interior was gutted except for seats, door cards, and a steering wheel (before me)

In my ownership I've replaced/added:
-relay/fuse panel for safe power
-fuel return line... It didn't have one
-upgraded to high torque mini starter
-air filters that fit
-electric fuel gauge
-electric water gauge
-electric oil pressure gauge
-autometer tach

It runs and drives, and is a welded diff and minor refreshments away from being a great drift car. I was going to build this and drive it, but need to fix my other cars more importantly right now.

Current things it could use:
Tie rod end links
Fuel pressure regulator

Has good tabs/title 

See a better way to drive a Ford?


  1. I've seen some pretty cool engine swaps on this website, unfortunately this isn't one of them. This truck engine has added approximately 200 lbs to the front of this car. It is a truck engine and operates at low rpm. The seller has totally messed up the handling and any semblance of fun that this car once had.

  2. Seamless, it looks like it came factory. Amazing

  3. Yes Son we just turned this Hucklebuckle into a Phuckabuckle that quick Son.

  4. The dash tells you everything you need to know: "Danger".

  5. Turnkey lemons car, no? Just add cage.

  6. There are some guys that built the vehicles for the Mad Max movie that are kicking themselves right now.

  7. Because sourcing a junkyard LS motor is way too rare and difficult.



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