Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sheep In A Wolf's Hoodie: 1966 Land Rover Defender on Pontiac Grand Prix Chassis

If you've ever spent time under a car, you know what you can get with a little hard work and a pair of donor cars.  All manner of crazy beasts start with a simple thought from some a mad scientist...but this next car is so perplexing that I'm going to have to give it the official Bearded Spock award and just hope it gets swallowed up in the next black hole to dimension Z.  Find this 1966 Land Rover Defender on a Pontiac Grand Prix Chassis offered for $2,500 in Taunton, MA via craigslist. Tip from Gregg. 

 From the seller:

1966 Land rover 
fuel: gas 
title status: missing 
transmission: automatic 

1966 Land Rover series 2, predecessor to the defender 90. Someone did a lot of work converting it to front wheel drive by using a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix donor vehicle. It has a 3.8l v6, FRONT WHEEL DRIVE. The original drivetrain is gone. It starts, runs, and drives. It overheats, it needs a thermostat and a water pump. I have no paperwork for this vehicle. The vin number is clean but the previous owner lost the title and did not want to deal with it. NO TITLE. NO BILL OF SALE. You can go through Vermont through the mail to title it yourself. I believe the body alone is worth my asking price. I was going to put the body on a Jeep or on a discovery, but I have too many projects. It is a quirky ride that could be pretty cool as is with a little bit of work. 

 See a better way to drive something crazy?


  1. It must have been a pretty boozy weekend in the garage when this thing was conceived. As far as I know, a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix did not have a separate chassis, so I would be fascinated to have a good look underneath (and I mean "fascinated" in the same way that a train wreck can be fascinating....)

  2. Seems like a reasonable place to put a radiator. It keeps it safe when it is tucked up on the firewall.

    1. Reading the ad I think that placement might be part of the overheating issue. There is no airflow and the exhaust probably runs right under it.

    2. Well, you did better than me. I couldn't figure out the orientation of that image at all. I just kept thinking, "Where's the fan??" Really have to wonder what someone was thinking.

  3. Yes a underneath picture would answer a few questions, Yup that Poncho GP is a unibody so think maybe just motor and transaxle came from the donor along with misc wiring harness tied into the Lucas Prince of darkness LR wiring...nightmare.

  4. A Ranger or S10 might have been a better idea, Also have to laugh at two automobiles used for this however no title.

    1. The better-and more obvious?-path, for sure. Prolly came down to what particular piece of backyard detritus filled the builder’s hazy gaze that fateful Day After when she stormed out, slamming the screen door in her wake, but not before she enthusiastically suggested that he get some of that $#!* off her lawn.

    I’d want a bill of sale for the miscellaneous parts.

    As far as I can tell a Land Rover body and frame can accommodate all manner of bits and pieces. Except these bits and pieces.

    I wonder if the title for the land rover this was a part of is driving around somewhere. That seems to happen to old Ferraris , Land rovers not so much.

  6. In the Drumpf Era there is no limit to the misleading and downright prevaricating one can get away with. Is it little wonder that someone tried to graf a unibody chassis ( sawzalled one would think from the body) with a radiator up against the firewall for better airflow? And bought it without a title or Bill of Sale ? And wants to sell it without either? ( Ah no, I never owned that......)

  7. Anyone who is REMOTELY interested in taking on this train wreck should just send their $2500 to me.

    First off, I'll send you $500 back. So you'll MAKE MONEY ON THE DEAL!

    Next, I'll take the rest and spend it on NON CAR things. Why? Because it would be the same as buying this twisted version of a car modder's acid trip gone bad.

    No money will be harmed in the making of this car.


    In return, I'll post video clips of Mad Max outtakes, telling you I've modded the car yet again, and it's purring like a kitten.

    C'mon... go ahead... send me the money.

    You know you want to...

    -Stan (the *other* Stan...)

    1. I concur, sending Stan your money is a much better long and short term investment.

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