Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mary Kay: 1959 Edsel Ranger Sedan

This next car comes as a tip from DT tipper SecondMouse who writes: Do you know a Mary Kay lady who needs a new whip? Trying to find a car to match those plastic pink flamingos you put in the yard? Look no further than this 1959 Ford Edsel Ranger, sensibly priced at $12,500 OBO.

From the seller:

1959 Edsel Ranger Sedan 
VIN: C9UF741217 
condition: good 
cylinders: 8 cylinders 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 34000 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: sedan 

1959 Edsel Ranger 292 CID good driving classic, one of only 12,814 built in 1959. Exterior and interior in good shape. Top end and engine was rebuilt. Has new gas tank, spark plugs and wires, new generator, belts, gaskets and seals, axle, lowered suspension, brakes, rebuilt carburetor, brake lines, radiator and hoses, rebuilt heads, new water pump and thermostat. This is not a show car but is a beautiful driver. Odometer says 34000 but not sure how accurate that is. Can be seen and driven. Cash only, no PP or money order, clean title, 12.5k OBO. Just took the 2nd place at the Friendswood Classic Car Show !

 See a better way to drive pink? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Now there is a car that makes a statement! "I am confident in both my manhood and my automotive choices!". Does it look a little saggy in the rear, or is that how these sat?

    When I was in my single digits age-wise, my dad had a '58 Pontiac that was pink. Must have been the trendy colour back then. The Pontiac was not quite bubblegum pink. As I remember, it was called Coral Pink. Anyway, it needed paint. My parents had recently purchased a Filter Queen vacuum (door to door sale, of course). They also bought the accessory pack, which included a paint sprayer, powered by the air outlet of the vacuum. So my dad figured this was the ideal opportunity to use it. He learned the hard way that automobile paint requires a lot more air pressure than a Filter Queen can generate! The car wound up with a finish that can only be described as "Pink Sandpaper". He drove it that way until he got rid of it a few years later. Thanks to DT for the memory!

  2. The "stance" of the time was to give the impression that there was a big engine that barely fit under the hood, hence high in the front. The rear on the other hand was low to give the impression of acceleration ( or a big speedboat getting up on plane perhaps ) My grandfather put little wheelie bar wheels under the rear bumper so my grandmother could get into the driveway without dragging the bumper.

    Anyone remember when putting a couple bars of magnesium under the lowered rear bumper so that it would send showers of sparks when it dragged was the cool thing to do?

  3. Not even suggesting that this Pink Edsel isn't unique/rare, but my neighbor down the street has one in the same color. I noticed that this one does not have the unique to Edsel, tele-touch transmission selector mounting in the steering wheel hub cover. My uncle had a Ranger with that option. Too bad this doesn't have the much larger V8 to support those skinny little 'blat-blat' exhaust pipes.
    Hugh- I don't remember bars of magnesium under the lowered rear bumper, but I am old enough to remember getting big old steel taps put on our shoes so that we could throw sparks when we'd put our feet down on our bikes, to throw sparks at night. :)

    1. Google Lowriders magnesium and look at the videos. Purdy sparks!

  4. I just realized what the new Alfa Romeos look like!


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