Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Grey Sky: 2003 Acura CL Type S

This next car comes from tipper Jeff who writes: Another sleeper at a great price point and it looks super clean.  Yup, I can't disagree with that statement. Find this 2003 Acura CL Type S offered for $8000 in Methuen, MA via craigslist.

From the seller:
2003 Acura CL Type S 
VIN: 19UYA41613A001314 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: fwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 131890 
paint color: grey 
size: compact 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: coupe 
Car is ready to go Need absolutely nothing!!
Just passed MA State inspection 3/8/19..
JUST SPENT $6K on Engine and Transmission (both are refreshed with really low miles)
Engine has only 42K miles on it. Completely gone through. New timing belt, tensioner, water pump, oil pump, belts, etc.
6spd. transmission has 73K miles. (OUT OF LOW MILEAGE '06 TL MANUAL W/ LSD)
JUST BOUGHT both OEM Acura headlights NEW!! all new HID 6000K bulbs and ballasts
It's the only one of its kind anywhere around here!! I have well over $40K+ into this car!! Best of everything installed.
This car only has less than 6K miles on everything installed
Way too much to list, but here's some stuff:
Precision 62/62 turbo
Tial 10 psi BOV
Tial 38mm MV-S wastegate
1000 CC injector dynamics fuel injectors
255 LPH fuel pump
Spec Stage 3+ clutch with ATS light weight flywheel ( good for 600+ tq)
Wilwood big brake front upgrade with red calipers
Yonaka Motorsports Coilovers
Enkei RPF1 Race wheel setup with new Yokohama S-Drive tires ( fronts are 18" and rears are 19")
Custom turbo manifold and all intercooler piping
Custom made 3" exhaust with magnaflow mufflers utilizing OEM exhaust tips for sleeper look
AEM Series 2 EMS with custom made harness
much, more.
It was Currently making 350+whp/318 tq @ 7lbs of boost, on a conservative tune...
made 403whp/329 tq @ 10lbs
Car itself is mint 
everything works A/C etc. clean title
I have owned car for over 7 years
Any serious buyers please feel free to contact me Nine78 Three97 Two802.
NO trades
$8,000 as - is (keep in mind it would cost you $12K to replicate this one off turbo setup alone!!)
Thank you

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  1. I still find the statement, "I have over $40k+ into this car" hard to believe, but regardless, a fun ride that could catch more than few folks off guard.

    1. Easy to believe when you realize he probably blew 2 motors. These were really comfortable cruisers, adding a turbo to make it fast is just hammering a square peg into a round hole.

      Also that grey color doesn't do the shape any favors, would look better in the copper color from the factory.

  2. "Rode hard, and put away wet" I imagine, with that history. Too bad, cuz the overall condition looks pretty good, and these were nice drivers. Make a low offer, and take a chance?

  3. All depends on how much boost he put through it and 7 lbs. isn't much. If the build sheet/receipts look copacetic I personally wouldn't worry about it. A pass or two on the dyno at 10 lbs. just to see what it would do still isn't bad. He's got the fuel systems upgrades to easy pair with the additional boost. That's where the gray area is though... how much time on higher boost? Great ride and very clean.

    1. So, then why do you think he went through two motors? Honestly looking for possibilities....

    2. I never thought the owner did. Rigid made the comment that the owner "probably blew 2 motors", in response to my comment about me thinking the "$40k+ invested" seemed high...

    3. Well, I would say that most stock Honda engines are still healthy at the current mileage on this car (131k). But if I am reading the ad correctly, the engine in this car only has 42K miles, and yet it also has just gone through a "freshening". I guess that is where the idea the it has gone through 2 engines came from.

    4. You could be right. It would definitely be good to know when the mods were added and at what mileage, and more importantly, when it was freshened up, what parts were used... OEM or was the short block beefed up. If it was just put back to stock, then I'd pass.

  4. In a world of jelly bean CUVs, a body style like this, that was maybe a little boring in its day, suddenly starts to look downright sleek. I like it. I wouldn't want to take over the neverending fiddling this set up would want, but it does make me want to look for an unmodded version.

  5. Put the factory wheels back on it, then it's truly a sleeper.

  6. Yeah, modded vehicles like this aren't for everybody. Agreed on the wheels.


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