Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Danger Zone: 1969 Sunbeam Arrow

This next car hits all the warning signs of a disaster in the is sitting at a body shop and needs ("probably" according to the seller) an engine rebuild..but don't worry because some of the disassembly has already been done for you.  Bonus spare radiators in the boot.  And a planned swap from Sunbeam badging to Iranian Khodro Paykan...all based in the phenomenal British Rootes group build quality of the late 60s. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!  Find this 1969 Sunbeam Arrow offered for $4500 located conveniently near the Fremont BART Station (maybe you could fly/BART in and drive it home?) in SF Bay Area, CA.

From the seller:

1969 Paykan 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
I need to sell my project ASAP. It is sitting at the body shop and the owner of the shop needs the space.

I purchased this car with the intention of turning it into a Iran Khodro Paykan about a year ago. The car does not run currently. Probably needs an engine rebuild. This is a full restoration project. If you know they are very rare. With opening a new business I just do not have the time and have lost interest in this project. There is no rust but everything is there. 

I have all the Paykan emblems if that is your intention I can include along with the custom black plate PAYKANN, You must find the lights and grill. The small driver window is broken but I have the replacement one in the trunk. 

The car needs to be towed out, It has a clean California title and is currently registered. 

Please email me your phone number I will call you right away. Lowballs will be ignored but will be negotiable for someone who is not going to BS and will send a tow truck today.

See a better way to shred your 401k?


  1. Sunbeam was owned by Chrysler at that point - seems like a 340 Six Pack swap might be in order here!

  2. Nod to Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone -

  3. Anyone have an extra set of Panasport wheels just laying around?

  4. Has a Ford Cortina /Volvo looking frontend on the rear treatment maybe Lada/Datsun.

  5. Why would anyone want to create an Iran Khodro Paykan ? Is there some Shah cult in the Bay area? Jim Morrison had it right.

  6. My gosh, I would take the equivalent Cortina over this thing, any day. Was there EVER a sporting variant of these?


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