Wednesday, May 22, 2019

6-Speed Touring: 2008 BMW 328i Wagon E91

Yeah...I know.  You could get an E46 M3 with fewer digits flipped on the odo, and you could get a high mileage STI or Legacy GT Wagon for the same pile of dough...but this car calls to the people who remember when BMW built the best luxury/sport wagons with manual gearboxes on the planet.  Those days are LONG gone...and the manual gearbox has become a punchline and an anti-theft device...BUT if I had to pick ONE car to daily drive this car every single day of my driving'd look a lot like this 2008 BMW 328i E91 wagon offered for $12,500 in Richmond, VA via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

 From the seller:

2008 BMW 328i 
condition: good 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 165000 
paint color: blue 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
2008 328i Wagon (E91). Rare 6-spd rear wheel drive (sDrive). One of 429 in the US with this spec. The car was previously owned by a family member at Active Autowerke, and has been modified to make a reliable 247whp (Mustang Dyno). Your chance to own the last manual wagon offered by BMW... these guys are starting to appreciate. Bullet proof N52, modern amenities, no expensive issues associated with xDrive, etc. 

As it stands...

2008 328i Wagon (E91)
Blue on Tan Leatherette
6-speed manual
165,000 miles
Registered & Titled in VA, Clean Title under my name, No Accidents.
Inspected in VA, 2/2020.

One of only 429 RWD 6MT Tourings in the States.

April 2019:
Coolant Flush (OEM BMW, done @ Midlo BMW)
Oil Change (OEM BMW, done @ Midlo BMW)
Brake Fluid Flush (OEM BMW, done @ Midlo BMW)
New NGK Spark Plugs (164k)
New Starter (OE, done @ Bimmer Rescue w/ Warranty)
New Cabin Filter
New Rear Passenger Window Regulator

April 2019:
New Behr Radiator

Q4 2018:
New Fuel Pump Assembly @ 160k Miles

Q3 2018:
"Carbon Fiber" Vinyl wrapped interior trim
Eonon Android 8.0 Headunit w/ Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi (original headunit included)
18x8.5" Square Setup Aodnon Wheels on 245/40/18 Firestone Firehawk Tires (~9,000 miles)
Black Kidney Grills
IKON Motorsport Front Splitters
New LED Headlights
OEM Rubbert mats throughout including cargo area
Power Steering Fluid done @ 158k miles
Ignition Coils all repalced @ 158k miles
Stoptech Brake Pads all around @ 158k miles

2/2017 (139k miles)
Belts and Tensioners
Valve Cover Gasket
Intake Manifold Gaskets
Upgraded 3 Stage Manifold with NEW DISA valves
K&N Drop in Filter
Spark Plugs
Oil Catch Can
Active Autowerke Catless Headers
Active Autowerke Dyno tune
Custom Active Autowerke mid pipes with race cats
CDV Delete
Bilstein Sport Shocks
AST/Moton Lowering springs
Dinan Fixed Camber Plates
OEM M3 Front Control Arms (All 4)
Adjustable Rear Toe Arms
Custom Perforated & Thickened OEM Sport Steering Wheel
Dinan Short Shifter

Car will also come with Curt trailer hitch uninstalled, OEM Roof Rails, Spare Iridium NGK Spark plugs, OEM Coolant, OE (Pentosin) PS Fluid, Hood Shocks, OE PS Fluid Reservoir, etc. I also have receipts and maintenance history going back to 2017. 

Paint is not perfect with some sap etching and few dings on the roof/hood. No concourse material, but looks great from 5 ft away. I had plans to do a LCI front end swap, so didn't worry too much about minor dings and scratches. Interior is pretty much perfect with the exception of couple small tears on the driver's seat. No rust, no accidents. 

Recent comprehensive inspection by Richmond BMW and Bimmer Rescue revealed the car is in perfect health. Recommended to replace eventually, but not urgent: Valve Cover Gasket, Oil Filter Housing Gasket, Oil Pan Gasket. Minor seeping - experienced no changes in oil level in between oil changes (5,000 miles, 6 mo.). 

No test drives w/o cash in hand.
If your email is simply "Is it available", I will not respond. If the Ad is up, it is available. 
Please read the entire ad before reaching out with questions that I may have answered in the listing.

Open to negotiations. Cash offers or certified checks only. 
Starting grad school soon and need money. 
Please be reasonable with offers. Open to trades for Miatas (NA/NB + Cash) or MR2 + Cash. Texts preferred.
If you want additional photos, please text me for them. I can answer questions via texts as well.

See a better all arounder?


  1. Nicely tweaked w/ factory 3stage intake & aftermarket tune & exhaust. I wish that BMW had brought over the 135 hatchback now that the wagon offerings are so porky & loaded with options that can't be deleted in the USA ie glass roof. Bmw needs a return to allow a basic configuration and reel in the marketing dept from making their product unattractive to their past fan base.

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  4. Fleetwood T. BroughamMay 22, 2019 at 5:48 PM

    I'll never understand many things in this life---Gravitational waves, cat lovers, and people who order late model BMW's with manual transmissions and no sport package are at the top of the list though.

    1. @FTB - maybe they just live somewhere where potholes are a daily reality, and a slightly higher profile tire, with slightly softer springs make a lot of sense. I would choose this spec (oh gawd, maybe I am just getting OLD!)

  5. On one hand, RWD manual wagon from back when BMWs still looked decent. On the other, 12-ish year old German car reliability. This would probably be a fine 2nd or 3rd car that you put 5-10k miles/yr on.

  6. Looks like the sacred cow folks like BMW's................

  7. On a more pertinent point my significant other has an 07 328 wagon with the dreaded slushbox. I have often wondered whether I could find a manual, as unlike many I see driving a slushbox as being damaging to your manhood. That and having little hands. I like the smaller size of the E 91's, now if I could just find a waaay more reasonably priced manual........

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