Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Thing From Another World: 1960s Lotus 7 Replica

This next car comes as a tip from Hugh who writes: What do you call a T-bucket roadster with a Jaguar XK engine and an automatic transmission? A lotus Seven of course! It's almost as strange as that desert boat pickup thing.  Maybe pickups that aren't pickups week?  I dunno...but this next car sure is a pick-me-up.  Find this 1960s Lotus 7 Replica offered for $19500 in Centerreach, NY via

 From the seller:

Condition: UsedMake: LotusModel: Super SevenType: ConvertibleTrim: caterham super 7 2017Year: 1960Mileage: 3,800VIN: 171849917184669NEColor: GreenEngine size: caterham super 7 2017Number of cylinders: 6Fuel: GasolineTransmission: AutomaticDrive type: RWDInterior color: BlackOptions: Leather SeatsVehicle Title: ClearWant to buy? Contact seller!
1960 Lotus Super Seven caterham super 7 2017
Lotus caterham super 7 2017 REPLICA OF 60"S LOTUS STEAL/ALUMINUM/BODYFROM ENGINE Jaguar engine double overhead cam 6 Jaguar rear independent with in board disc brakes independent front with disc brakes COMPLETELY STREET LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVERYTHING WORKS CALL FOR DETAILS 631 943 8511 KENNY

See a better way to drive a "lotus"?


  1. Cupholders in a lotus replica? No need for "Hold My Beer"...

  2. Simplify, and add lunacy.

    But even though the proportions are awkward and it's begging for a manual, there's still something oddly appealing about this.

  3. "something oddly appealing about this"
    I agree, it's the engine and front of super seven that's interesting. Luckily that is what you see from the wheel, because anything tee bucket is nearly a deal breaker. But it looks like a blast to drive!

  4. T-bucket with jag irs is kind of traditional hot rod. The jag engine has plenty of torque , the front looks closer to watson roadster than lotus 7.

    Seems a more point and shoot than go around corners kind of affair , so it looks like fun but why call if a lotus seven?

    Oh and extra points for the XK cam covers popping out of the hood.

  5. It's not easy being green. Ribbet! -- Kermit


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