Saturday, April 20, 2019

S52 Powered Clown Shoe: 1999 BMW M Coupe

I had this idea that the asking prices for the clown-shoe generation BMW M-Coupes had gone through the roof, but then I found this next example which looks really nice in Imola red and appears in good shape for a reasonable ask...whoa...check out that odometer.  How many thousands of dollars did somebody spend on ultra-expensive Castrol TWS 10W60 motor oil to keep the spinny bits still spinning??  Oh, wait this is an S52 powered 240 hp version, not the later S54 powered 315hp monster..  I'm at a loss -- is this a good deal? Find this 1999 BMW M-Coupe offered for $14,000 in Soma, CA via craiglist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1999 Bmw 
condition: good 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 240000 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
Clean title no accidents
Two sets of keys, manual, original window sticker, along with a book of service records.
Meticulously maintained 240k miles
Total Production: 2858 
Red on red 1/120
Original paint
Original interior 
Good driver condition 
15k Firm

See a cheaper clown shoe?


  1. There is an entire website devoted to sale listings for these and other Z3/Z4 M cars, it's really quite comprehensive. My initial feeling is that this seems like a decent deal given the clean title status and assuming maintenance is up to date.
    M Coupe Buyers Guide: Sale Listings

  2. These things are cool, the resale values keep going up - making them a good investment. I'd still rather have a 911 turbo though for just a little bit more.

    1. Where are these 911 turbos of which you write for just a little bit more that this?

    2. $14,000 x 2 carry the five over subtract 3 and then add a little more and you got 'yur self a 996 turbo!

  3. I like the way these look, but that upholstery goes beyond ugly to "hey I got a good deal on props from a porn parody of Aliens" scary ugly.
    I think I may be understating my case a bit but believe me those chairs are not inviting at all.

    I have to give the owner props for posing the car in front of a building built of brick red bricks and a brick red bridge and... Wait a second, I know what colors those are and they aren't quite that blood stain that just won't wash out color, so maybe the seats aren't that color either?
    Maybe it's just a bad cameraphonefilter? I hope.

  4. I've never driven one but I would guess that I would love it.

    Look at that milage, crazy!

  5. Parts is parts but it seems like these and manual 3 series wagon owners are not afraid of asking prices disregarding miles driven

  6. This one sold a number of weeks ago for 9500 or thereabouts. Seller is flipping it.

  7. That car got a great ass. And nice hips too.

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