Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Old School Fun: 1986 BMW 535i E28

I've struggled with the decision about buying a depreciated late model (like a modern 2010ish BMW 535i) with manual gearbox or buying an appreciating classic from yesteryear -- because the older car will possibly be worth more in a few years, but the modern car will be a faster and more reliable (probably?) ride? I'm sorta leaning towards getting the classic these days. Find this 1986 BMW 535i here on eBay bidding for $4,500 with 5 days to go, located in Price, UT.

From the seller:

Car was a show car years ago there's no body damage car runs and drives is my daily driver has new rims and tires including spare new windshield  the only problem this car has is the tach and temp gauge isn't working common for these cars 

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “No body damage some slight scuffs in paint may come out with a good buff Interior only damage is cracked dashboard”
Year: 1986 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): wbadc7407g0963397
Mileage: 119541 Transmission: Manual
Make: BMW Body Type: Sedan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Trim: 535i Options: CD Player, Sunroof
Drive Type: RWD Power Options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Fuel Type: Gasoline Exterior Color: Gray
For Sale By: Private Seller Interior Color: Tan
Disability Equipped: No Number of Cylinders: 6

See a better way to driver a 5-series? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. The link provided is for the previous submission... :(

    1. Fixed...guy who typed it up was obviously you know.. a little 'under the weather' when he posted. He's awake now and we have his keys. We'll get him home safely, all because you were able to spot that. Thanks!

    2. You know, I had to wait 4(!) hours to see the ad. My sleuthing skills were exhausted when I searched UT Craigslist, but didn't find it there. For some reason I didn't think to check Ebay.
      I think I at least deserve a thumbnail icon to be made in my honor...

  2. Not that it would deter me, but the lack of info re. the functionality of the A/C always gives me pause, being a dweller in a hot place.

  3. Classic cars were my thing, for years.

    Same with kit cars from the 80s. Loved 'em.

    Then I became a dad.

    And crash safety meant my kid would more likely still have a dad if I got into a car crash.

    Changed how I bought cars.

    I still look at those classic and kit cars.

    I just don't drive em.

    Well, not that much...

    -Stan (yeah...*that* Stan...)

    1. I drove my first kid home from the hospital in a 1963 Ford Galaxie hardtop. In 1990 NYC traffic. Took about a block to realize that it was a bad idea. Got a hand me down Mercedes as quick as you can say "gee Mom, I really don't think the Galaxy is all that safe, there isn't any way to attach the car seat in the back and the front seats just flop forward every time you hit the brakes."

      My daughter was sort of interested in a TR3 I was fixing up and asked if was safe. I told her "probably not as safe as that Vespa you keep asking for" now she thinks I was trying to kill her.

      Of course when I was a kid my mom drove me around in a MG TD. Since I couldn't see sitting in the seat she would let me stand up.

      The thing about having kids is that in 20 years your life sort of gets back to normal, but by then normal is so damn weird.

      A 1986 BMW seems pretty new and safe to me.

    2. I inherently don't trust airbags. Takata Claymores not withstanding, the idea that a pyrotechnic detonation happens intentionally in front of my face just seems sort of wrong. Roll cages work, 6 point harnesses work, helmets and HANS devices work. Maybe we all need to drive land speed record cars, that have essentially two roll cages built into each other. Or go nuts, actually armor your vehicle. Buy a BMP. Or if that's not safe enough, you can have some real armor for the price of a well optioned 5 series.

      Personally, I think I'm going to spend more time riding my bicycle on off-street paths and I'll keep driving my E28s.

  4. Style 5s would unlock the next level for this car.

  5. Cover both the safety family aspect and the driving aspect and buy, say a 2001 E46 325 Touring 5 speed............


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