Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Just One More Car, I Promise: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville 421

It isn't often that a seller includes a selfie in an advertisement, and I've never seen a shirt before that reads "Just one more car, I promise."  This is my kinda seller.  Not the selfies, I have a giant that costs a boat load of cash to buy and I'm afraid of dropping it into a lion cage or down an open sewer grate, so I avoid selfies like the plague Facebook.  Find this 1966 Pontiac Bonneville 421 here on eBay offered for $5,719 buy-it-now or make-offer, located in Boise, ID. Tip from Hugh.

From the seller:

 With the buy it now price....I don't want any....any monkey business. I want to be paid in full with PayPal within 48 hours.  The car can be here for a month before pickup
I will relist the car with it running and driving and more pictures etc next week at a much  higher price  it doesn't sell at this price. You will not find another 421 Bonneville coupe this cheap....anytime soon. Like....for years....

8 lugs power seat power antenna power windows power steering power brakes reverb original YH 421.  

Just uploaded video of day I started engine.  


I bought it from original owners nephew. Sold new in Hollywood. Optional Heavy duty frame and heavy duty radiator. 421 engine. Still in car and runs. No ticks no knocks no smoke. It needs carb rebuilt and likely tank pulled and cleaned. I had it running off electric pump and fuel supplied. It ran good...smooth quiet....but carb or floats kept it from running for an extended period. Will post video on YouTube I took while it was running. It's an extremely dry car. Frame is amazing. No nasty undercoating or black paint that hides nasty rust....nope...it's dry. It was in Lapine Oregon for a time..which is a very dry climate. The car was used to tow a ski boat to the lake back in the sixties. It has power windows...... tilt....ac ...power antenna..... power seat. Reverb..... 8 lugs.....All factory options. Everything a person wishes there Pontiac had from the factory..... It's a solid car. You can find a 389 Bonneville . You can find a better condition Bonneville. Likely a "lot car" with no options...or maybe one.. a trunk light or some other gimmick option.... This car is far from boring despite it's appearance. It was a cool color ...when new... Martinique Bronze on Black... A knockout combo. Again...it's not a rust bucket. Can't throw its body under the bus ...it's pretty nice for its age. It will likely end up on the other side of the pond. I had to pay alot of money for this car and had to  go get it. At this price I'm losing money.... So a lower offer may not get much of response... It will sell to someone that knows what it is.... And how crazy hard it is to find a 421 Bonneville today. Steering wheel is wrong. Ac compressor gone. Those are the only two replacement things needed which can be bought any day of the week... Thanks for reading this far. Its a car that is worth restoring and you have a loaded rare cool car. The best part .. there is no cover up jobs to deal with like undercoating or poor paintt jobs etc. I had fun going to get this one ...took my father in law.....and... i got one more car.....another one I don't need....no time for it. Perhaps you have the time.. David 

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  1. $5719.66. wondering if the story behind that asking price is more interesting than creating the ad with photo of owner wearing the car addict t-shirt.
    I was unfamiliar with Reverb in regards to 60s automobiles. if you are, too, read here: http://phscollectorcarworld.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-car-radio-reverb-system.html

  2. If you want to sell your car, don't appear in the ad looking like a serial killer

    1. [image src="https://i.imgur.com/N5ksDd6.jpg" width="400px"/]

  3. The seller obviously does not need anyone to "hold my beer" while he sells the car.

    This is very much Peak Pontiac.

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  5. HaaaaHaaaaaHaaa

  6. eBay helpfully emailed me that the price has gon down, how did they know?

    Which gives me the opportunity to say that I’m really having a problem parsing “Not the selfies, I have a giant that costs a boat load of cash to buy and I'm afraid of dropping it into a lion cage or down an open sewer grate, so I avoid selfies like the plague Facebook.”

    I have a song that’s somewhere between metal machine music and early glen branca that really needs lyrics and I think that might be just the thing!


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