Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fake GT3: 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera

Can't afford a new Porsche 911 GT3?  Yeah...okay, that is probably 99.9% of the adult population in the USA because those things are murderously expensive.  Okay, head to the used side of the car lot and eeeeeEEEEEESH, they are still expensive.  Like, a new BMW M3 expensive...so dig a bit deeper (there is always a lower level) and get yourself into something DT approved like a 911 C2 that has been sauced up to look like a GT3.  Who is gonna know?  And does it matter if they do? Find this 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera offered for $16,500 in Pittsburg, CA via craigslist.

 From the seller:
1999 911 carrera porsche 
fuel: gas 
title status: salvage 
transmission: manual 
1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 C2(996)
Gt3 Areo Kit 
Polar Silver Metallic Exterior with Black Leather interior 
Red Porsche carpets 
6 Speed Manual 
105k Orginal Miles 
Gt3 areo kit ( front lip ) ( side lips ) 
Gt3 emblem 
Gt3 wing 
Carbon fiber mirrors ( original ) 

Sparco Seats - originals will be included
Led rear 997 tail lights ( originals will be included )
Lowered on coils ( stock shocks will be included ) 
Agency exhaust system & Intake - sounds beautiful ( stock will be included ) 
18x11 staggered wheels ( new tires ) 
I have All the maintenance records in a binder 
All services have always been done at Porsche or professional Porsche shop 
IMS retro has been done 
Recently did brake booster maintenance 
And a fresh oil change 
My car is fresh and ready to be driven across the states. 
It's in excellent condition and has no problems what so ever.
show contact info text or call me
do NOT contact me with unsolicited service

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  1. I'm no Porsche expert, but is it me or does this look like a pretty sweet deal? Sure, there's the salvage title and it's posing, but if the records are there, IMS has been done and it's a clean as it looks then what a car for the price point.

    1. This appears to be a very good deal. Personally I don't like the GT 3 badges, but that is an easy fix. Other than that this looks like a great into to 911 land.

  2. I like it because it is not precious. I have owned cars that I cared too much about and they were not fun.
    This already has a salvage title, you aren't going to F it up more.
    Yes, remove GT3 badging and drive the piss out of it.

  3. Third for the GT3 badge delete. And maybe do something about those Sparco seats.

    Then just drive and drive it until it goes ‘pop’ and then get a bunch of your money back by parting it out!

  4. I agree with the above comments -- ditch GT3 badges and the King Kawos plates and hooooooooooon till it starts to sound like a bowl of milk with rice crispy cereal and then spin backwards into a ditch.

  5. Oh, they're trying to sell a car? From the photos I thought they were trying to sell acres of rolling green hills. My bad.

    Wise up sellers. You're trying to sell your car, not post it on Instagram "living its best life". People want to see detail. How about getting closer and paying more attention to the car than the background. This always irritates me.

    1. I actually appreciate the fact that they tried to make a nice looking car look a little nicer with a backdrop. That being said, totally with you on the amount of pics... especially since it's a salvage title. The info the better.

  6. ' a nicer shade of rice '

  7. Do the parts make up for the salvage title ? Hard to say without facts on the extent & quality of repairs.

  8. It is now $24000. What is wrong with people?


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