Monday, April 22, 2019

Exomotive Exocet: 1993 Mazda Miata

If the idea of driving an Ariel Atom or KTM Xbow is certainly tempting, but the cash outlay needed for one of those stripped down racers for the street is nothing short of crazy.  You could spend a few years of your weekends and build your own low cost Lotus style racer, or you could buy someone elses machine. Find this 1993 Mazda Miata Exocet here on eBay offered for $15,500 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Littlerock, CA. Tip from Hugh. 

From the seller:

Have you ever wanted to have an Ariel Atom or a KTM Xbow but dont have 40k + ? Well then what happens when parts wear or break and need replacement , and have to pay premium prices and overseas shipping... Welcome to the world of Exomotive Exocet, A Mazda Miata Based kit car Strip down to 1600 pounds!!! 

I recently did some work and put a Fresh battery this past weekend and finally took videos and pics before the rain came through.

The chassis is an Exocet Sport with the following parts;

- 93 miata donor with rebuilt motor under 10k miles. 1.6 L loves to rev :) 115 hp (less than 10 hours on track) 
- Catback Magnaflow ehxhaust , stock headers 
- Complete energy poly Bushings
- Cx racing Radiator, 2 inch core
- APR Carbon wing and mirrors *LED strip light added to Wing
- MOMO 320mm Steering wheel with NRG quick release 
- 15inch works Rep wheels with Hoosier Slicks, *extra set available!
- Slotted front brakes with SS braided lines
- in line " drift " lever with Proportional Rear Brake Valve 
- Tien Basic coilovers with Exocet Height spacers 
-Limited slip Differential 
- stock Guages and Wiring *recommend to upgrade*
- Custom 3d printed Aero bumper

The Trailer is perfect for this Exocet , with some added goodies.

- 7x14 ft, fits exocet with Extra tires and Tool Cart
- Dual axle with leaf springs
- added wood Bench for working and storage
- has internal wiring for 12v battery
- Floor has Track mounts which are extremely usefull
- Emergency brake safety line *never used it
- Hand Crank for hitching, *good workout
- cosmetic fender damage from previous owner
- tires are in great condition

*I have the Donor pink-slip and Exocet certificate with receipts of parts put into it, if your intention is to make it street legal. Trailer pink-slip also on hand.

The time spent with my friends building and racing has been a Blast, the only thing is I don't get to use it enough!

 *Can deliver to SOCAL region after purchase with verified address, out of state sales will have to provide tow or transport services* ( buyer can rent a pickup and tow away for cost effective option )

 See a better way to drive something odd?


  1. I'll wager it needs to be sorted out. May be the reason he's selling.

    Well, that or the wheels tend to fly off whenever it gets above 30 mph.

    You never know with homebuilts or kits!

    -Stan (who currently owns 2 kit cars. And yes, they both ran when parked...)

    1. PS Holy smokes, this thing comes with an ENCLOSED trailer?

      I take back everything I said.

      OK, not really. It prolly still needs to be sorted out. No biggie.

      And the wheels (or other important bits) falling off at speed is part and parcel of buying somebody else's project. You know the risks going in.

      All that being said, this is a smoking deal. In CA, that trailer alone sells for at least 5 to 6 grand. Would be well worth the time it'd take to sort out whatever it needed.


  2. Replies
    1. Gone now, but just out of curiosity, how much was the Specter ?

  3. I think it was 22k? The build sounded wicked fast
    Someone did this on grassroots - neat idea
    [image src="" width="400px"/]
    Exotruck - A Subaru based scratch build

    Grassroots is one of my favorite sites to see cars. No attitude and lots of eclectic builds.

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