Thursday, April 11, 2019

Brown Machine: 1980 Oldsmobile 88 Custom Cruiser

What is the best color for an aged wagon from the malaise era?  Brown, you say?  Oh yes, brown is the correct answer and fitted with a 3rd row for your little monsters is the correct bonus answer. Find this 1980 Oldsmobile 88 Custom Cruiser offered for $5000 in Piqua, OH via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:

1980 Oldsmobile 88 Custom Cruiser 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
1980 olds 88 custom cruiser wagon with third seat. in family since new. 105K miles. 350V8/350 turbo tranny. repaint, no wood decals. two set of wheels and tires with two sets of hub caps. old school survivor. hard to find, are appreciating. Asking $5,600 OBO.

Also 1995 oldsmobile 95 regency. Leather. Major tune ups and rebuild tranny. $2,995. OBO

See a better way to drive brown?


  1. If that old monster doesn't have any rust in the sills, wheel arches, or frame, I'd say it's a pretty fair buy. Especially here in the rust-belt. Bring your magnet and a flathead screwdriver....

    1. My first thought was that most Malaise era cars in Ohio would be equally brown, but not from paint. If that's solid sheet metal, it's quite a find.

  2. Top picture - Michelangelo the creation of shag wagon?

  3. We had a beige and wood one, it was no slouch in a straight line for how big it was.

  4. " Vacation all I ever wanted .. vacation have to get away .. "


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