Saturday, March 2, 2019

White Whale: 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300TE W124

The Mercedes-Benz W124 generation E-Class was built for the 1985 through 1996 model years on a platform that was engineered to be a cut above the rest.  Compare the build quality of an 80s W124 Benz to a similar era Lexus, Audi, or even BMW...and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Stuttgart steamer.  Find this 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300TE offered for $3,900 in Edmonds, WA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 199000 
paint color: white 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: wagon 
For sale is a very nice, super clean Mercedes-Benz w124 300TE Estate Wagon. Car is in great condition as you see in the photos. Well maintained with rebuilt transmission, head gasket replacement and shows pride in ownership. This is considered a "Young Classic Mercedes". Car is 31 years old, runs and drives excellent. Complete with 2 keys, owners manuals etc. Windshield has a couple cracks and will be replaced with a brand new one for the next owner. 199k miles and ready for many more. Self leveling suspension, inline 6 cylinder M103 engine, pwr windows, seats, sunroof, door locks and more. Price is $3900 and worth it. First to see and drive will buy. Clean clear title and CarFax. Thanks for looking.

Please no long emails, no trades, no lowballers period, and if you are seeing this ad the car is still available. Serious inquiries only, just call the number above to set up a time to see this beautiful Mercedes wagon. Pictures were taken today. 

similar to Volvo, BMW, audi, VW

See a better way to drive a wagon?


  1. Oh man.......been having a serious wagon jones as my 01 E46 5sp wagon sits waiting for a valve....

  2. Aside from the awful window tint, this looks wonderful

  3. Anyone else thinking Safari Style? Lifted, tall tires, with a roof basket and some offroad lights?

    1. Ill see your build and raise you a front brush bar and ski plates fore and aft.

      Too cool.

    2. There's been one of these sitting on CL up here in AK for a while at $1300 needing some transmission adjustment and the rear hatch painted to match. I've been tempted but a bit too busy with a political campaign for local office...


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