Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Oh Yeah: 1993 BMW 550i V12 Wagon E34

The BMW E34 5-series was a large luxury family car from BMW, available as a sedan or wagon (estate).  We don't see the wagon versions very often on the road anymore, but they offer a surprising amount of room for the kids/gear/junk while maintaining the classic BMW luxury, handling and performance.  Regrettably, for the US market BMW felt it only needed an inline-6 in the wagon when equipped with a manual gearbox, or a small V8 when equipped with a slushbox, but some visionary lunatic decided the E34 needed a V12 6-speed. Find this 1993 BMW 550i V12 Wagon E34 offered for $18,000 in East Hampton, CT via craigslist. Tip from Bill.

From the seller:
1993 525i 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 12 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 16700 
paint color: green 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: wagon 
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Please read the entire posting BEFORE you Email or Text me. Anyone asking if its still available will get a sarcastic reply. If you are offering a trade that fits within the parameters listed below, please remember that we will be dealing in RETAIL Dollars. If you are a dealer this could work to your advantage. I have researched the price on this and it falls within the scope of what a similar 850CSI, CI would sell for in todays market according to Nadaguides.

1993 BMW 525i Body sitting on a mid 90's BMW 850Ci Chassis. (no this isn't a misprint) 

It goes like this. The ultimate sleeper. Lowered, garage kept, never driven in winter by me.

850CI V-12 motor

850 CI 6 speed manual transmission, drive line and rear end

850 CI brakes and suspension

leather interior in good shape

20/40 3M window tint

17" wheels with Michelin Pilot tires

Stainless exhaust

LED headlight system (6000 lumens per bulb)

New music system, Ipod, Satellite, CD compatible

Valentine One Radar unit built in

Service Records for during my tenure of ownership

Can only be seen by appointment ONLY

I don't need help selling it

If this ad is still running then this car is still for sale

I will consider a trade of one of the following:

2014 Cadillac CTS3.6 AWD Premium wagon

late model Jeep Rubicon 4x4 gas or diesel

possible late model diesel station wagon 

Mercedes Sprinter Van 172" wheelbase, Extra high roof

2006-2010 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500hd diesel crew cab long bed < 200k miles

See a better way to drive a V12? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Awesome, much nicer than the ill-fated Ferrari Enzo body onto the 1967 Tatra swap...

  2. Isnt that a unibody car?? Must have been some creative cutting and welding. Love to see some underbody shots

    1. Yeah, they're both unibody. The front suspension bolts up, and I'm pretty sure that while the rear subframe is different, the mount points might be the same. I could see that being the case, but swapping the body? I'm gonna call BS without a ton of pics.

  3. Reading this I would like to point out. His wife or kids probably dailied it all winter in the snow. Plus that is an odd list of potential trade vehicles.

  4. Manual gearbox was never offered in US E34 tourings regardless of engine.

  5. It’s really awesome. I love it.very interesting and meaningful post. I got some very important views in your post which are very good and applicable for me. I just wish that I’ll see your another post very soon. I am waiting for that.

  6. While I think it could be fun, it's not an unmolested 850CSI, so it's not worth the retail value of one.


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