Monday, March 25, 2019

Mars Attacks: 1970ish Volkswagen Lazer 49er by Elite

You might look at this car and ask "what is it?"  But the better question is -- "what isn't it?" and "why wouldn't you daily drive it?" Because the world doesn't need yet another new crossover almost-wagon/almost-car with a perplexing name like the BMW X2 M235i...(which I spotted on the road today and had to pull over and re-organize my list of top 10 ugliest cars on the road -- it was a breakthru into 7th place, yowza!)  but the world does need another Lazer 49er on the road.  Find this 1970ish Volkswagen Lazer 49er by Elite offered for $2,300 via the Samba forums in Millington, MI. Tip from MunkyKing

From the seller:
Lazer 49er   Price: $2300.00
have a Lazer 49er kit van. has an IRS ball joint pan. the motor has been freshed up, some new brake parts. has hyd. pedals. the body is in good shape, but needs to be painted and finished up. runs and drives, but has one brake that hanges alittle. have some receipt for $3000 of work the gentleman had done before he passed away 2 years ago. i bought it for a project but deceided i have to many cars. I don't have a title for the chassis. $2300.00 

See a better way to make the 70s weird again?


  1. Well, different it surely is! I was not aware of these in the Laser line up, nor had I seen the J2X Allard replica, which looks quite appealing.

  2. Looks like it's supposed to be "Laser", not Lazer according to the attached ad.

    1. Yeah...that is probably correct. I simply followed the sellers splelling. errr...Misspleling. You know what they say; there are two words you can never misspell: missspell and lazer.

  3. Those old school turbine/cyclone wheels always seem to be the classic "go to" models for limited production, fiberglass rides of this nature...

  4. I can't help but like it. Looks like a prop from SpaceBalls or something,

    I'm just going to put these here
    [image src="" width="400px"/]
    [image src="" width="400px"/]
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  5. ^^^
    Oh, a Brubaker Box. Always had a hankering after on of those.
    There used to be an old Baja version that took off road.

    Why doesn’t anyone make stuff like this any more?

    Not enough 60s ‘psychedelia’ left in the world? I have to admit, if the garage was empty of projects, that Laser 49er would probably be on the back of a truck right now, on it’s way to me!

  6. The best part about that yellow thing is that they can lower your mangled car and corpse straight into the ground after your inevitable fatal accident.

  7. man, talk about mixed genealogy references. front end gives off Mopar 80s 2.2 k-car variant turbolag special vibe. then those big ol low rent deloreanesque gull wings, finished off with design cribbed from a Ford Pinto or Escort wagon tail. bolted to a VW pan?

  8. That minimac /mini 18 actually kinda works for me...

    mini 18


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