Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Great Ad: 1959 Lister Capri Thing

A good advertisement gives detailed information about a vehicle and lists its condition and asking price in thorough detail...but a great advertisement gives just enough detail that you forget the negative points of the car and build this amazing picture in your mind of what the car could be.  This next advertisement does exactly that. Find this 1959 Lister Capri Thing here on eBay offered for $6700 buy-it-now located in Oceanside, CA with 4 days to go.

From the seller:

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1959
Mileage: 92000 Number of Cylinders: 6
Make: Other Makes Transmission: Manual
Engine: V6 ford Body Type: Roadster
Drive Type: RWD Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title: Clear Exterior Color: Flat black
Fuel Type: Gasoline Interior Color: Black
For Sale By: Private Seller

Very unique project about 75 % done. Lister body mounted on German Capri RS 2.8 German Ford motor, 4speed. The car wights less than 1700 pounds. Too many projects and not enough time prompted this ad. All pieces for completion included...THE CAR RUNS AND DRIVES...Mostly needs more body fabrication and roll gage. This is the perfect project for someone experienced in welding! I am interested in selling or trading for an El Camino 1975 ( no smog) or older....can put money on top for RIGHT car! Call 7145858696 .....$6700 OBO


See a better way to drive a Lookster?


  1. WTF?!? A fiberglass shell that may or may not resemble an iconic sports-race car from the 1950s, laid on top of a hacked formerly-unibody sporty economy car platform, now missing the roof and doors. I can understand why he thinks a welder would be the ideal purchaser, cuz that platform has gotta be scary flexible. If I ever got serious about building a 1950s sports racer tribute, I think I would do one of these (Emotive DBR1):

    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  2. Oops, sorry "Exomotive DBR1"

  3. Not a bad price if you think of as a body and some parts thrown it, which is probably the way to think of it.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep, and a wise person would say: "75% done, and only 75% still to finish".

  5. I always love it when the seller is selling because "too many projects, not enough time" and then asks for a trade, which implies he's got time and ready to take on another...project...just not this one.


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