Monday, March 11, 2019

Aged Nicely: 1991 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Wagon

This next car comes with a bit of a surprise for even the biggest car enthusiasts.  At first glance it looks like something from the 1970s -- chrome bumpers that look to be JDM or derubberfied, and the interior looks like beige muppet skin straight out of the 1980s and underhood the low vacuum hosed 1JZ looks like 1990s...but the title says 1991? Say what? Find this 1991 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Wagon offered for $9950 in Chaplin, SC via craigslist. Tip from JB1025.

From the seller:
1991 toyota crown wagon 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
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JAPANDIRECTMOTORS.COM JDM RHD 1993 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Wagon with a 1JZ engine showing only 78,000 miles. The car is Extremely nice! This is only one of over 50 vehicles in stock. We are located in Chapin S.C. and are open Monday - Sunday 9am-9pm by appointment. please visit our website at JAPANDIRECTMOTORS.COM for all current inventory. we have skylines silvias gtr supras mr2 rx7 miata mx5 civic crx accord landcruiser safari prado diesel turbo sequoia fj cruiser trd nismo diesel jeep fire truck hiace van master ace surf hilux tacoma wrangler 40 series 60 series 70 series 80 series suv 4x4 4 wheel drive right hand drive usps postal service rural route and many more. all of our vehicles are legally imported and come with a clean and clear South Carolina title. contact us with any other questions 803-622-8962

See a better way to confuse everyone?


  1. Oh yeahhhhhh! Very nice. Kinda looks like a JDM Hearse! Really like the rear 3/4 view. Amazing to see chrome bumpers in that era. Maybe Japan was different in that (very good) way?

    1. When i sent this in i also got the hearse look or maybe a Japanese mafia hit squad wagon


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