Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Racecar Backwards Is Still racecaR: 1983 Mazda RX-7

I love racing as much as the next guy, but it gets really expensive...quickly.  Even if you race something simple and non-vintage/non-collectible, it starts with a basic used car that you'll need to replace every wear component before you start with safety, and then get to "performance/racing" parts...and I get exhausted just thinking about how much work it is going to be...however, you can save yourself time and money by buying someone elses money pit.  Like this 1983 Mazda RX-7 here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $5900 located in San Diego, CA.

From the seller:
This is a super clean and well maintained single seat RX7 full race car.  It's very reliable and a low cost entry into the world of racing.  All races have had professional race support and there are no deferred maintenance items.  The race photo was shot the weekend of Feb 16-17 at Wild Horse Pass (west track) near the Bob Bondurant School of Racing near Phoenix.  Four sessions on Saturday and four sessions on Sunday, all with no issues.  The indoor photo of the car is as it is currently stored in my warehouse in San Diego.  The track photos are a bit dirty as it was actively racing.  It truly races as good as it looks!

If you need additional photos, just ask.  I'll return promptly during the week as the car in in my office warehouse.

New clutch
Recently professionally rebuilt transmission
New headers
New Optima battery (Feb 2019)
High capacity aluminum radiator
Switch controlled electric cooling fan
Newer brake pads
Newer rotors
Newer high-volume oil cooler
Ported intake
Body straps to improve cornering and reduce body roll
Welded roll cage (not bolted)
NASCAR style door bar
Adjustable camber / caster front suspension
Proportional brake adjustment
Mid time engine
Fire bottle fire suppression system (not just a fire extinguisher)
Hardwired 12V transponder
Zolotone interior and engine bay paint
Very good paint and body (for a race car!)  Graphics are removable
FULL gauges, including air/fuel, dual EGT, plus all the normal gauges
Purchase INCLUDES a full extra set of Panasport wheels with tires.

See a better way to go racing?


  1. These cars were always excellent race cars but had mediocre performance in the street version. I owned one in high school and it was cooler than faster. But in the IMSA GTO Division, these Mazdas would lap the 911s. They were as dominant as the Porsche 962 was in the Prototype Div.

  2. This looks like quite a decent deal for a sorted race car. Would need to ask a few questions about the certification of the cage and what classes this would qualify for. These rotaries can be long-lived engines for racing. Some people run oil mixed with the fuel to help the apex seals live longer. It looks like this guy even ran an air cleaner (which is a good idea on ANY race car).

  3. As someone who recently paid $3,000 for a 10-year dormant RX7 for SpecRX7 god, jump on this deal, it is worth every penny.


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