Friday, February 22, 2019

Old School: 1990 Nissan 300ZX Z32

The 300ZX was a 2 door sports car from Nissan during the great Japanese sports car boom of the 1990s and featured a host of technology in a Isao Sono & Toshio Yamashita designed body.  In recent years the 300ZX's competitors (Supra, NSX, 993) have gone through their depreciation curves and the good original ones are commanding prices that exceed their original MSRP, but for some reason the 300ZX (and Mitsu's 3000GT/Dodge Stealth) have been floundering around the price of a few vintage leather jackets...which isn't a problem if you like cheap stuff.  Find this 1990 Nissan 300ZX Z32 offered for $2600 in Anchorage, AK.

From the seller:
 1990 Nissan 300zx 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
Have to sell my 300zx ASAP

I've owned this 1990 Nissan 300zx V6 3.0L 24Valve non turbo 5speed manual since 2004. 

I am the third or fourth owner, purchased around 64k miles and currently sits at 100k. Never drove in the winter.

Interior condition great.
Body has minor dents on front fenders, small indent underneath rear passenger tail light corner.

(Not Installed)
-New Kevlar clutch, pressure plate.
-New stock fly wheel.
-New dual cat-back stock exhaust
-New tires, stock 16" size not Z rated
-3 of 4 18" (LX-7) Black Lexani rims

I will post current pics next daylight. $2600 OBO No trades.

See a better way to drive a Nissan?


  1. Very tempting package. These were quite sophisticated cars, and were built back when Nissan still built long-lived cars. 100,000 miles should not be a concern. Too bad about the RF fender damage, but for that price, you could spend a little to clean it up and probably have a very satisfying time-capsule sports car for many years.

    1. That is not enough damage for a moose. Unless it was a pygmy moose...

  2. Agreed on the durability and loved my '91 Twin Turbo. Bought it used with 32k and drive it to 90k without a single issue. Just did the maintenance and put gas in it. Had a few fun bolt-on mods to boot so I put my foot it in. Never gave me one problem. Miss that car...

  3. "Never drove in the winter"... "Will post current pix next daylight"...

    So, heck, this guy drove this vee-hickle from July 1st through August 20th, each year.


    At the right angle (just right, mind you...), this car always looked like a Ferrari to me.

    It was the other 34-11 angles that it didn't....

    But hey, purchase price is less than a Ferrari tune up, so yeah... there's that...

    -Stan (the *other* Stan...)


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