Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Little Old Lady's Car: 1968 Saab 96 V4

You know what I don't like in craigslist adverts?  Blurry photos and claims that the car was "a little old lady's car"...but this next seller gets a pass because the asking price is reasonable and the little Saab is surrounded by other oddball cars covered in painter's plastic.  The seller is my kind of car collector-- and I give any possible buyers a low chance of having your dismembered corpse stuffed into a suitcase and and a high chance of driving home with a new sweet ride. Find this 1968 Saab 96 V4 offered for $3995 in Burlingame, CA via craigslist. Tip from Erik202.

From the seller:
 1968 saab 
condition: fair 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: sedan 
This was the little old lady's car.Little rough around the edges but still a 
very cool car 
Motor runs , will need tires and a good service
$3995 or best offer 
Call if you would like to see

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  1. "Condition: Fair" What?!?! It has all its body panels, they are all one colour, that colour is NOT iron-oxide Red, and the interior shows no signs of raccoon infestation. I would call that damned fine condition. It is just a shame that California remains in such a remote location....

  2. Not wanting to "harsh anyone's mellow" but..."Motor runs , will need tires and a good service" is CL-speak for I can get it to start and run, but there's no one said anything about it being able to move under its own power or stop. The other hidden CA-hiccup is..back fees. It has a very old CA plate in the trunk. Unless this has been non-opped for a long time, the fees could be astronomical, unless its brought back as a salvage at which point it would only need to be subjected to a safety check when ready to register full time. That said...this is definitely a tempter and should cause someone among us to go check it out and get the full story, or just snag it at that price!!

  3. Vin- as for those 'automobilia obscura' I'm seeing multiple XKE's, a 230-280SL, MGA, Lincoln MkIII, 60-64 Corvair Convertible, 50's Ford F-100, Front end of BMW Motorcycle.

    1. And is that a Rolls beyond the SL? Can't identify the red convertible past the black E-Type hardtop.

  4. I'm almost 100% certain this is actually being sold by a dealer, though it might be on consignment with him. This dealer is well established in Burlingame and usually has some unique vintage/classic inventory. Pretty much a one-person operation, super knowledgeable on classics and a decent and honest guy from my interactions years ago. I've never purchased from him, but have shopped his inventory. Unfortunately his online presence is terrible (outdated website and inventory list). It's one of those places that you have to go and talk to him to find out what he has or can get. He only keeps a couple of cars at his storefront location, but he's got at least one warehouse space loaded with some great stuff. If I still lived nearby I'd go check this out to get more info for DT.

  5. Almost worth as much as that XK's hardtop...


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