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2006 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B

When Subaru started releasing their fun cars into the wild in North America, they started with the WRX, but a few short years later they introduced the adult version known as the Legacy GT.  The standard Subaru Legacy 2.5GT was no slouch, with a 2.5 liter boxer four cylinder shared with the Impreza STi - but boosted by a smaller turbocharger producing 250 horsepower.  The SpecB option was a limited (500 units in 2006) edition that added Bilstein shocks, well bolstered seats and 18 inch wheels for sportier proposition.  Find this 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B offered for $6000 in Central PA via NASIOC forums. Tip from Art C.

From the seller:

Year, Make, Model: 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B. 65/500
Location: Lebanon, PA
Price: $6,000 OBO? Not really sure what the car is worth to be honest.
Mileage: 209,XXX
Transmission: 5 speed
Contact: email is best,

Listing up for sale my daily driver 2006 Legacy GT Spec B. number 65/500. Found this car for sale locally on craigslist late summer of 2017 listed with a pretty vague description, less than stellar pictures, 170k miles looking rather neglected. I had no real need for the car at the time but contacted the seller on a whim and made the trip to check it out. The PO apparently acquired the car through some kind of trade deal and wasn't super knowledgeable with what he had, it sounded pretty risky but ultimately I decided the car was worth saving so we made a deal and I drove it home. My original plan was to clean it up, go through the car mechanically then drive it through winter and unload in the spring. Turns out I really enjoyed driving it so here I am a year and a half/35k miles later and its still sitting in my driveway. I am a professional and currently have four other vehicles in my stable, the Legacy has surved as my daily driver over the past year and it has been properly cared for as needed. The car runs, drives and stops without issue and everything works as it should. I would drive my pregnant wife across the country in it tomorrow if needed. Only real reason for selling is that I could use a daily with a little more storage space. That being said I would consider trades up or down for a well maintained Legacy wagon, Outback, Forester or something along those lines. Here are the details.

Current Modifications - Installed by me during my ownership unless otherwise noted
Cobb SF Intake
Invidia catted DP
Cobb OTS stage 2+ flash via APV2
unknown brand non-resonated mid pipe (on car at purchase)
unknown brand cat back (on car at purchase) possibly Magnaflow? No visible markings and I never dropped the mufflers to look for any id markers. Sounds good regardless.
OEM catless UP
Grimmspeed UP/Turbo/DP gaskets
Cobb turbo inlet
AVO IC to TB hose
DIY TGV deletes
Killer B oil pick up
Exedy stage 1 clutch
TSK3 TOB/snout kit
Group N engine/trans/pitch stop mounts
Kartboy tans cross member bushings
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Whiteline ALK
Whiteline control arm bushings
Whiteline F/R adjustable sway bars/endlinks
Tein H-tech springs (on car at purchase)
Hawk HPS front brake pads
Perrin shifter bushings
Cobb or Kartboy exhaust hangers, can't remember which ones I bought but brand new sitting in a box in my garage waiting to be installed.
35% window tint on side and rear windows
HID's of some sort (on car at purchase)
LED interior lights (on car at purchase)
Font lip (on car at purchase)

Maintenance completed during my ownership-
Purchase 170k - 
History mostly unknown. According to the PO the engine was pulled and the top end gone through around 160k miles due to a dropped valve, I have no proof other than his word but after having since pulled the engine myself for a clutch replacement I did find evidence of turned bolts and what appeared to be shiny new head gaskets. The cold side of the turbo is powder coated red so I am assuming it was either rebuilt/replaced at some point prior to my ownership as well. Did an oil/filter change after purchase with 0w40 Castrol Edge and Subaru blue filter.
175k - 
Installed adjustable sway bars/end links
177k - 
Installed catted DP and flashed Cobb OTS stage 2 map
178k -
Replaced driveshaft
tire rotation
new AC belt
179k - 
Installed Cobb SF intake/airbox and flashed Cobb OTS stage 2+
180k - 
185k - 
tire rotation
187k - Clutch went out completed the following
coolant flush
Had wheels refinished and installed new tires Goodyear eagle sport A/S 225/40R18
Gates timing belt
OEM waterpump
OEM idlers
OEM TB tensioner
OEM t-state
OEM oil pump seal
OEM crank seal
OEM oil seperator
Killer B oil pick up
oil pan gasket
DIY TGV deletes
OEM spark plugs
Installed Cobb turbo inlet
Installed AVO TMIC/TB hose
Installed OEM WRX SMF
Exedy stage 1 clutch disk/PP
TSK3 TOB and snout kit
Engine/trans/pitch stop mounts
cross member bushings
steering rack bushings
control arm bushings
F/R brake rotors
Hawk HPS front pads
brake fluid flush
Trans fluid replaced
shifter bushings
188k -
Replaced front right axle
four wheel alignment 
193k -
Tire rotation
200k -
tire rotation
201k - Lancaster County Subaru
PA state inspection/emissions testing
Airbag recall
brake line recall
204k -
209k - 
Left rear wheel bearing 
tire rotation

Cons - Mechanically the car doesn't need anything but If I were to keep it the next things on my list to address would probably be springs/struts. The car is on Bilsteins and Tein H-tech springs, if I had to guess the Bilsteins are probably not original at this mileage but I haven't touched them. The Tein springs are a little soft in my opinion but otherwise ride fine. I haven't touched any of the rear suspension bushings but everything appears to working as intended. Next would be a proper pro-tune, the OTS Cobb maps are ok but not perfect by any means. I used ATR to turn off the TGV codes in order to clear the associated CEL's but otherwise they have not been tuned for. 

Cosmetically the car is a 15 footer in my opinion. The front and rear bumper covers have some damage and there is paint chipping of the leading edge of the hood. There are a few other minor dings/dents/scratches associated with a 15yr old/200k mile Subaru but all in all it cleans up pretty good for what it is. I never ran a Carfax but there is evidence of paint work on the front end. Hood and fenders have been painted for sure, all panels are stamped Subaru however. Interior wise I would say 7/10, minor wear on the driver seat outer bolster, steering wheel and shift knob, couple minor knicks and scratches here and there but pretty clean for the mileage and everything works. I currently have Subaru all weather mats installed in the car and I have the original carpet mats to go with as well. 

Thule rack and bike trays are NOT being sold with the car. 

All that being said I'm in no real rush to get rid of the car but could use something with a little more versatility. Not really sure what the car is worth but I feel like somewhere in the ballpark of $6k is reasonable. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, email is best

Pictures were taken a couple months back, car remains in the same condition with the exception of small scrape on the rear passenger side of the bumper from me backing into it in my driveway. I can send/upload more photos as requested.

See a better way to spec?


  1. These are really nice and fun cars. It looks to fit one of the NASIOC personas: buys car because they know what it is, fixes everything then realize they don't want what they built and sell it for a fraction of what they have into it. I did a similar thing with a WRX years ago, I would be very tempted to buy this and find a wagon shell to transfer all the go fast stuff.

  2. That has GOT to be close to a record for ad text! Looks like a lot of car for $6K. Sounds like the mechanical bits have been freshened, although without accurate history. I would love to hear from the many other Subie veterans (in addition to Rigid) on this site, to know what potential horrors or pleasures await the next owner.

  3. Without the boost turned up too high these are pretty reliable cars. Do a compression/leakdown test on the motor (~145-150 iirc), check for grinds in the 5 speed, and look for rust in rockers/wheel wells

  4. If I was in the market I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat

  5. Anyone know what it takes to replace/diagnose the turbo on one of these? Costs? A wagon locally with "bad turbo", so wondering what to look for and expectations before inquiring.

    1. Run. When the stock IHI turbos "go" on these they send turbo bearing metal shards into the oil galleries and no amount of flushing short of a full teardown is going to save the engine.

      Replacing the actual turbo is easy, but in 1-5k miles, get ready to do an engine.

      Source: I've owned 3 of these. Check out

  6. My FXT sucked in some turbo hardware when the turbine failed. made bad things happen internally.... If the turbine wheels are still intact it's a pretty easy job. If not, it could get complicated


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