Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Orange Is The New Whack: 1987 Honda Civic RT Wagon

The 5-door Honda Civic Shuttle (previously called the Wagovan) was a crossover before there was such a thing as crossovers, but it competed with Toyota's Tercel Wagon and Subaru's Wagon thing in the small 4X4 wagon segment.  Power in the Civic Shuttle came from a 109 horsepower 1.6 liter 4-banger that was mated to a 6 (YES SIX) speed manual gearbox that featured a stump-pulling first gear good for about 2.1 mph at redline. Find this 1987 Honda Civic RT Wagon offered for $2650 near Chicago, IL via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:
1987 Honda Civic Wagon 
condition: good 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
drive: 4wd 
fuel: gas 
paint color: orange 
size: compact 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: mini-van 
I have this very rare little Honda Civic with AWD , 6 speed manual transmission. For more that 5 years . Is a very cool and fun to drive this car especially at the snow. You get a lot attention when you drive it. Is has a little rust ( compared with others Honda that old ) and a dent at the rear passenger side . Please check the pictures for better description. Any questions please text me to show contact info for test drive .
I have 2 sets of tires and rims . One for summer and another one for winter . Very nice fun car . You not see to many of this
Miles 142.000 but runs great is Honda

See a better way to drive orange? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Seller reports some rust, but from my vantage point here in the Rust Belt, that is about a clean as a car can be. Something like this typically will run forever with basic maintenance, and is fixable by anyone with normal skills. Plus it is seriously funky! Good grief, at that price take it and run.

    1. Nice Charlie Brown reference!
      I could see driving this through Hazzard County with out even getting pulled over.

  2. If this was for sale in my state of residence, I'd be $2650 poorer. Cool car, cool price

  3. Holy smokes. I did NOT need to see this.


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