Saturday, January 12, 2019

Museum Ready? 1974 Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle didn't change much during its 65 years of production (21 million models built!) but in 1974 it was fitted with huge 5mph impact bumpers for the USA market.  Truth be told, I'm not sure exactly how much a "car show ready" VW Bug is worth on the open market, but this next one looks like a reasonable deal compared to the price of those other aircooled classics. Find this 1974 Volkswagen Beetle offered for $8999 in Lake Forest, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Bug 
condition: like new 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 35000 
size: compact 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: hatchback 
☆☆☆☆☆from $ 10,000 to $ 8,999☆☆☆☆☆●●●●•••FIRM ON PRICE☆FIRM ON PRICE☆FIRM ON PRICE☆FIRM ON PRICE☆FIRM ON PRICE☆•••●●●●●

I put on sale my fabulous volkswagen 1974 beetle car, it is a car made in Germany, imported to the United States.
Clean title.
Engine stock, has never been open since they did in Germany.
Electronic start.
Original seats.
Original carpet.
New battery
New wheels.
New spark plugs.
New oil
New air filter.
New spark plug wires.
Energy distributor is new. *New shocks absorbers. * New Breaks. 
The carburetor was replaced because after many, many years of not using the car it was covered with residues.
I have the original radio included.

The car looks great, looks classic, elegant and stylish. Every time I go out on the bug people look and are surprised to see something unparalleled in the streets. I can say that it is a unique car, in unbeatable conditions.Honestly, it could be an exhibition car or a museum car.

See a better way to drive something in good shape?


  1. Well, I gotta say I like it. Even the 5mph bumpers don't really spoil the look. Kudos to whoever owned this car for that many years and continued to look after it. Such attention is not often bestowed on such a humble ride.

  2. You better not drive anywhere there is snow or you need a heater or A/C or "breaks". With the gas tank in front over the drivers seat, these are not the safest thing on the road and were meant for a different time. make sure that you can pass the emissions test if your license office needs it!

    1. In which jurisdiction would a 1974 car be subject to emission testing? I didn't even think California when back that far.

    2. No smog in California on a '74. Plenty of heat in a bug who's heating system is intact, and has good window and door seals. Melt your shoes levels of heat.

  3. This looks like it could make someone a nice reliable second or third car provided that they could live without all the modern conveniences that drive the car for you.

  4. I'm not buying the those front seat covers are original. I sold a lot of '70's bugs as used cars into the early 80's and I've never seen gaps/puckers like those. This is not original in a lot of ways. Steering wheel, window cranks, shifter, big old white walls and that under dash 'rack'. Those racks were not even popular by the late 60's. It's still a fun car, but trying to pass it off as a well preserved original isn't really accurate. Sorry...I'll head over to BAT now and start picking stuff apart over there... my bad.

    1. Lots of non-original stuff going on here. But how else are you going to try to get $9k for a late bug? If theres no rust and it's mechanically sound, $4,500-$5,550 seems about right for this model.


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