Friday, January 11, 2019

Have Rust Will Travel: 1983 AMC Eagle 4X4

The AMC Eagle was a neat looking 4X4 compact crossover-car thing that beat the modern market to the compact crossover and defined traditional labeling of the time. The sedan/wagon/coupe versions were built on the AMC Concord chassis, but the 2-door SX/4, Kammback, & Sundancer models were built on the AMC Spirit subcompact chassis...but the important part is that they were powered by big inline-6s and could offroad like a Jeep. Find this 1983 AMC Eagle offered for $3,800 in Loma, CO via hemmings. Tip from BP.

From the seller:
Location: Loma, Colorado, 81524
VIN #: 1ACCK5358DK116910
Mileage: 118,000
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Fair
Exterior: blue
Interior: navy blue

Seller’s Description:
1983 AMC Eagle. 4.2L inline 6 w/ 3spd. automatic Runs and drives but has rough idle. 2WD/4WD works. Needs new front seats and has a few chips in the dash . Needs new paint. This car is a southwest car and has very little rust . Body condition is good except for the plastic rear bumper. Lots of fun to drive.Perfect for occasional offroading. Needs new tires. Price negotiable.

Price: $3,800 negotiable  

See a better way to offroad?


  1. Man a rack of hellas or KC lights would really set this thing off. Looks fun!

  2. The LED's added up front really bring it into the modern era, and really helps smooth over the fact that the headlights are all caddywampus. Mom had the wagon version and it was actually the first 4WD I ever drove now that I think about it. I remember really liking the driving position. But the trans began to give up the ghost almost immediately after we bought it, so Dad sent it on down the road.


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