Thursday, January 31, 2019

Euro Import: 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280TE Wagon

This next car might not be the barn find big block muscle machine that you've been searching for and it will probably never be featured on some Velocity Channel TV show...but it does have a certain combination of utility, cheapness, and cool-factor that makes it worthy of a feature. Find this 1980 Mercedes Benz 280TE offered for $3800 in Dallas, TX via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

1980 Mercedes Benz 280TE
condition: good
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 254000
paint color: blue
title status: rebuilt
transmission: manual
Selling my 1980 Mercedes Benz 280TE wagon.

Rare Euro car with the 185hp M110 twin cam engine and a 4 speed manual. 280TE's are rare and this the only one I've seen here in the US that has a manual gearbox. Nice car , can be driven daily and has been in my daily rotation since I've bought it. Could use a bit of cosmetic work that will be fixed by a paint job. I bought it from Oregon about 4 years ago and have driven it regularly since. Recent clutch and tires. It has a rebuilt title because the car was driven with the
hood unlatched and it flew up and smashed the wind shield.

It has a bearing noise in 1st gear that's been there since I've owned the car. Suspension functions flawlessly. No A/C car.

Here's a video:

Car is located in Dallas , TX price is $4500 Firm and firm means firm.

Lot's of pictures posted so that you can accurately see the condition of the car.


  1. Gasoline engine, manual box, small bumpers, and a long roof. Nice combination! The interior reflects the quarter-million miles. And he explains the "rebuilt" title. I have never been to Texas, but I imagine a non-AC car is less than ideal, yes?

    1. A non a/c car is a no-go here. I did a summer in an Alfa Milano with non-existent A/C (seller
      from halfway across the country represented it as fully functional), and while I lived through it (working 12+ hour days as a first year CPA meant I didn't often drive the car when the sun was out) it is absolutely not recommended.

      I do wonder how much an A/C retrofit would run. Have always wanted a W123 with a proper amount of power.

  2. Bearing noise in tranny. Prolly put throw out bearing in wrong when clutch was replaced. Common mistake.

  3. I love these wagons, especially a standard with 6 cylinder, although A/C is a must, it drains a lot of the fun out of driving it. I am just trying to figure out why the it is located in Texas and posted on the NY city Craigs List? And firm price in description which does not agree with posted. I am north of the border so it would be a real pain to drive it home in this weather...


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