Monday, January 7, 2019

Epiphany Myrrh: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport

The final of the three Magi is named Gaspar and his gift was historically myrrh, which is an essential tree oil that was used in embalming practice, an unusual gift for a newborn, but appropriate for someone would die at a young age....anyway, this next car is appropriately symbolic of death...I think. Find this 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport offered for here on eBay $6,000 buy-it-now located in West Creek, NJ.

From the seller:

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Year: 1968 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 138
Mileage: 70904 Exterior Color: Blue
Make: Chevrolet Interior Color: Black
Number of Cylinders: 8
Trim: Super sport Transmission: Manual
Engine: 396 Body Type: Coupe
Drive Type: RWD Vehicle Title: Clear
Fuel Type: Gasoline Sub Model: 1968 CHEVELLE SS 138 PROJECT # MATCHING PATINA
For Sale By: Private Seller 
1968 Chevelle SS 138 

Car was hit on driver side and taken to the junk yard in 1983 the trans was taken out and left for dead. has the numbers matching 396 in it still, has buckets seats in it, have rear window trim for it. The rockers are really solid on both side frame looks ok, needs some floor work, trunk lid needs to be replaced. 

True SS with Manuel trans, steering and brakes multi plex car radio is missing tho 

Has the original paint on it still 

No title

See a better way to drive something to symbolize myrrh?


  1. I love muscle cars and would love to have a 68-69 Chevelle. However I do not love muscle car prices. I have given up on buying them.
    This example is a basket case. It would probably cost $30,000 to get it in good shape doing all the work yourself.
    The M5 I just bought cost $7,000 and would tear up every muscle car I have ever owned. Sounds better than almost any car I have owned as well.

    1. Agreed. They're cool, but most are just not worth the money required even with the market down from the insane highs of a decade or so ago. Whether restored or modified, they're money pits and this Chevelle is no different. Your estimate is probably low, even DIY.

      Honestly, other than some cool styling and high horsepower/torque outputs, they weren't great cars when they were new. They were dolled-up, basic 2-doors on shared platforms and were designed for the typical ownership cycle of 3-5 years. Throw aways. Mostly, muscle cars were standard models with new names and engine upgrades for a few hundred bucks. There wasn't a lot of additional engineering involved.

      When nostalgia is taken out of the equation, for the money, there are so many better ways to get bang for your buck, vintage or new. Your M5 is a perfect example. When the baby boomers and whatever generation came right after them get phased off the road, muscle car prices should sink to reasonable levels. Wait 10 years.

      I'd pick a modern muscle car over a classic one to own and drive regularly. I've driven most of the old heavy hitters and wouldn't want to live with them unless money was no object and I also owned many other cars. They make a great noise and have that raw simplicity, but they're full of compromises.

  2. If it is not a 70 forget about it !

    1. Why do people always insist that the '70 is the best? To me it's the least attractive. I'd pick a '68/'69 or a '71/'72 over a '70 every time. I'd even pick a different A-body (like the Cutlass) from '70 before a Chevelle. I think the front and rear of the '70 is uggo.

      In the front, the earlier ones have better grilles and headlight surrounds and in the later ones the simplicity of single headlights. In the back, the earlier ones have better looking taillights and the later ones have the cooler double round lights like a Corvette.

      I've always hated the tacked-on look of the '70 front lights and the ugly black taillight bumper piece on the back. Maybe I'm in the minority, but when it comes to exterior design, the '70 is the least attractive. Anyone else?

  3. But comes with the very desirable Manuel Transmission. Must be "Hecho en Mexico"....


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