Friday, December 21, 2018

Vee Twelve Days of Christmas: 1991 BMW 850i

All I want for Christmas is a V12...that's it.  No fancy bluetooth integrated steering wheel and ear heaters or a backup camera that was tuned for THX by George Lucas -- I JUST WANT 12 cylinders of gasoline power. Find this 1991 BMW 850i here on eBay offered for $11,950 in Ozone Park, NY with a few days to go.

 From the seller:

Vehicle Overview:
Stock:1212VIN:WBAEG2315MCB73244Year:1991Exterior Color:burgandyMake:BMWInterior Color:tanModel:8 SeriesMileage:112390Engine:5.4Transmission:Automatic
Vehicle Description:
Be the envy of all your friends buy owning this beauty. Keep in mind; all pre-owned vehicles are one of a kind and this one can be yours today!please open up item description to view 94 pictures of this car.this car is more than pride but an investment which most certainly will appreciate while you drive and enjoy.......this car is shown by appointment only
 We work hard to make you the best deal on the vehicle you have always wanted. After all, we know how we take care of you today determines your desire to do business with us in the future. We strive to make buying or leasing your next vehicle a pleasant and rewarding experience. Just ask anyone that has done business with us. Everyone needs to own a vehicle like this at least once in their lifetime. Your time is now! This one of a kind beauty with superb styling will tell everyone you have arrived. It will be rewarding for you to see how others react.this is a very rare exotic that can be owned for a reasonable price This beautiful vehicle is a pleasure to drive. The comfort-touch switches and knobs on board are going to feel great to your touch as you use them to perform their specific functions. The easy to view illuminated instrumentation keeps everything highly visible on this gem even while you show off its great looks while driving at night. The premium leather seating surfaces that compliment this popular model will last for years to come. This vehicle will be welcome anywhere you want to take it because of its classic clean looks beautiful lines.this car does run and drive well. the motor idles smoothly and the transmission shifts well tires and brakes have minimal life remaining, exhaust and front end are excellent. car drives well, ac is not very cold, drivers seat not sliding.the interior only has minor wear, headliner has slight sag.passenger interior pillar felt panel is there but loose, needs clips.the body and paint are excellent but there will be some minor nicks or scratches that are typical with a vehicle this age. the car is in good shape but not brand new and may need nominal items. but far less than you would expect.this is an awesome sought out color combination that is hard to find! this is an affordable exotic that will be sold as is fixed no haggle price. this car is shown by appointment only. serious inquiries only.WE ARE NOT TAKING OFFERS. if you feel this car is too much we highly doubt you will find a better one for less, and if you do you got very lucky.the shipping is the responsibility of the buyer but we do have shippers we can recommend should you need one. we do ship to canada and overseas also. if you need more info, please message us.

See a better way to drive a V12?


  1. Not enough redundant exterior shots. Too bad its a slushbox. Did these come with a 5 speed? Always like the looks.

    1. The 850csi came with a six speed transmission. Add a zero to this car's price and you would not be too high above what they sell for today.

    2. It's not so bad. Only the Dinan and tunned special CSI ones are six-figures. If you go to Bring a Trailer and search, the 6-speed CS ranges from $15K to $50K. A good, clean 100,000 mile 6-speed is about $30,000.

  2. When did "all pre-owned vehicles are one of a kind and this one can be yours today" become as ubiquitous as "original miles" in ads?

    google shows it in 32,600 ads.

    1. My other favorite is "only xxx,xxxx original miles"

  3. Yew Haw ..

  4. I bet it's the only one in "burgandy"...

    1. Yeah, the only thing that would be rarer would be a "Burgandy Camero"

  5. Maybe it's the only 850i actually running, today?

    -Stan (the *other* Stan...)


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