Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The V12 Days of XMas: 1985 Jaguar XJS

The Jaguar V12 engine was launched in 1971 for the E-Type road car, but the design was originally created for the mad XJ13 LeMans racer.  A few years later, the engine was stuffed into the Malcolm Sayer/Doug Thorpe designed XJS...and MANY years later you can get one for the price of a years worth of Starbucks lattes.  Find this 1985 Jaguar XJS offered for $1500 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist. Tip from Matt.

From the seller:

1985 1985 JAGUAR XJS 
VIN: SAJNV5847FC117577 
cylinders: 12 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 87677 
paint color: green 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
HOLIDAY SPECIAL! I have lowered the price to $1500 just for the holidays!I have a 1985 Jaguar XJS V12 for sale in good condition. Runs and drives great, passes California smog as well. These cars are becoming a collectable especially to those looking for V12 Jaguars. The paint is starting to fade and there are some trim pieces missing, but the vehicle has no rust. It is a California car with a clean title in my name.
- British racing green exterior
- Beige interior
If you have any other questions about the car feel free to text or call me at show contact info 
(price lowered from $3750) 

 See a better way to rock a V12? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I think these are very handsome cars and this is a stellar deal. however, nothing scares me more than the shot of that engine infested with 1980s smog technology.
    I wonder if one lived in a no smog state if there is a way to tear it all off and have a beautiful V12????

    1. Same thought, living in Montana there is no need for that smog junk. I wonder how many horse power are being lost due to that junk.

    2. More than the horsepower loss, I would suspect it would be the loss of sleep.... trying to diagnose problems associated with that smog junk. I'm a little more concerned with the wiring looms which appear to have been either 'chewed' or just rotted away and re-zip tied to the cowl brace.

    3. I agree with Hunsbloger. A new wiring harness would certainly make sleeping easier. Also it would be tempting to find a Jag expert that could replace the harness and remove the smog crap from this beast and freshen the engine.

    4. Reasonably well documented partial processes here:

    5. You know, I think a lot of that stuff in "death valley" is fuel/throttle related, rather than emissions--if you compare pics of early, carbureted E-type versions of the engine, things are still pretty busy in there.

  2. The engine pics on these are always the stuff of my nightmares. Where does the smog addenda stop and the actual engine start? It looks more like those large pieces of steampunk-ish equipment you find strapped to the backs of 18-wheeler flatbeds that have “wide load” splayed across the rear and are doting an amber-lit pickup in tow. Like, it could be anything. But a car motor?? No! Seriously?

  3. Ah yes, the valley of death as my mechanic used to tell me.

  4. The vertical temp, oil pressure, fuel, and battery gauges in the center of the cluster remind me of the CO2 gauge in Apollo 13. Watching them creep towards dangerous levels would probably cause the same uneasy feeling. "Coventry, we have a problem."

    Apollo 13 CO2 level scare

  5. $1500? Rust free? Looks like a good candidate for a V8 swap.

    1. save a couple of hundred pounds and swap in a 400 horse turbo v-6 or a couple of more pounds and slide in a twin turbo 3 liter v-4...

    2. Come on Marcus. 1500 bucks, you know you want to, what could possibility go wrong? LOL


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