Saturday, December 29, 2018

Fast And Furious 17; Berlin Door Ding: 1988 Porsche 944 2JZ

The number of vehicles with swapped small block Chevy V8s is comical, to the point that they aren't really even that "special" anymore, but it makes sense because Chevy build a billion of their small blocks in every manner of vehicle from the Corvette to airport tugs.  But what is even funnier is that Toyota's 2JZ seems to be finding its way into every manner of vehicle, and while they didn't really build that many of the hot 2JZ-GTE versions (only built for the Supra Turbo and Japan only Aristo), but they did print out the standard 2JZ-GE version by the bucket load. Anyway, find this 1988 Porsche 944 2JZ offered for $12,900 in Homestead, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

 From the seller:

1988 Porsche 944 turbo 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 3000 
paint color: silver 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: coupe 
1988 Porsche with a custom 2jz swap with a turbo 400 tranny big turbo big intake custom fuel cell auto meter gauges big Garrett polished turbo big intercooler with blow off valve oil catch can full 3inch custom stainless steel exhaust corvette rear end with custom drive shafts 2 fuel pumps with bilet filters 2 piece bbs wheels list goes on a lot of Money and time invested car is one of a kind not your regular 2jz swap very unique swap a must see $12,900

See a better way to drive a 2-Jay-Zed?


  1. ah cl the land of no punctuation And arbitrary capitalization interesting that he did use the return key To make the salient feature list at top this proves he knows what that button does

    why not use the return key
    in the description too
    it would have been:
    more Readable
    More in keeping with:
    this well photographed,
    high quality looking swap/install

  2. “turbo 400 tranny”
    Assuming that the turbo 400 tranny is attached to the engine, what’s going on at the rear end where the stock Audi transaxle lives? If the turbo 400 tranny lives where the original did I’m even more curious.

  3. Why would anyone want to buy such a vehicle? This makes it into a kit car and you can't take it to a regular mechanic who is familiar with a Porsche, Toyota or a Corvette. It takes a well-sorted and nice handling sports car and installs an auto tranni. It does not give us details as to front to rear or left to right weight distribution? does it have working A/C? Brake/suspension upgrade? I don't even like white instruments! :-(

    1. The owner quickly realized all your concerns shortly after completing the swap.

  4. Three words: Documentation, Documentation, Documentation. If the owner/builder did his due diligence on what parts were used and there wasn't much custom fabrication used, then I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with it. He clearly wasn't in the room when it went to the paint shop though.....

  5. Fleetwood T. BroughamJanuary 2, 2019 at 7:44 PM

    Finally, someone flipped the script and made a 944 look like a 2nd gen RX7.


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