Sunday, December 9, 2018

Double Vision: 1978 Aerocon Boa

This next car comes from DT tipper Safety Fast who writes: I don't know why it's listed in two different ads at two completely different prices, etc. But it's weird, obviously unusual, and rare. I wasn't going to send it in at first because of the $24K listing, but when I found the $18K one, I thought why not. Enjoy the beauty-challenged late-70's Aerocon Boa. There is some easy-to-find info on the web about this thing. Built in SoCal, Porsche power, yada yada.  Find this 1978 Aerocon Boa offered for $18,000 and $24,000 in Sacramento, CA via craigslist.

The first advertisement (now 28 days old) is skimpy on information and has the lower asking price...but strangely shows the car on a flatbed.

The new listing (now 7 days old) shows a few more pics of the car in the same garage, but with a more detailed listing AND a much higher asking price.  Regardless, it is a cool car for a not too outrageous price.

From the seller:
1978 Aerocon Boa 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 14686 
paint color: green 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: coupe 
I am selling an incredibly rare and unique 1978 Aerocon Boa. These cars were produced from 1977 - 1978 and only 15 were ever produced. To my knowledge, there are only three left in existence in this condition. Only 14,686 original miles. 

Due to different regional emissions requirements, these cars were shipped chassis only, and there were three different engine options. This particular car has the Porsche 914, 1.8L engine. Everything on this vehicle is original, exception of a repaired spare tire bracket in the front trunk. 

I drive the car every now and then around the block to keep things running, everything works as it should, runs great. This car was built for the track, it handles much better than many of today's newer sports cars, and gets around pretty quick with a completely fiberglass/aluminum body, weighing in at only 1,800lbs (compare that to a modern day Porsche 911, weighing around 3,300lbs). 

This car was sitting in my father's garage for 20+ years until I decided to restore it. Below is everything that I've done: 

ALL hoses & fuel lines thoroughly cleaned and gone through w/ cleaning agent + air
Entire fuel system + brakes completely gone through and cleaned
NEW Fuel Pump
NEW Tires
NEW Master Cylinder
Hydraulic clutch thoroughly gone through
All lights & switches gone through, repaired, cleaned & functional
All fluids have been changed
Minor paint touch-ups

Plus much more..These are just some of the basic parts of restoration, I would be happy to let you know more specific details. 

This car is for a serious collector looking for something a little more unique outside of the classic Camaro or Mustang. Guaranteed to get looks and tons of questions anywhere you go. I am in no rush to sell and would like to see it go to someone who will appreciate its value and care for it as I have. 

I'm asking 24k OBRO. Not interested in any trades at this time.


  1. I had never even heard of these. That was really good effort. I see early RX-7 in the profile, and Ferrari 308 in the rear 3/4 view. Not unattractive to my eyes.

    According to this article, these were sold as "rollers", ready for drive train installation.

    Autoweek article

    The interior is far better than any of the kit cars. For those times, the headlights were probably about as good as they could have done. Some modern projectors would allow an improvement now (at the expense of some fiberglass work). The padded vinyl roof doesn't do the car any favours at all. I wonder if that was an option?

  2. I'm liking this, very much an Opel GT mixed with gen1 RX-7. The vinyl roof and Ferrari style triple-lamps, not so much. But that price, ouch!

  3. Terrible face but not a bad rear view. Like a girl I once knew - bada bing!

    VW chassis, I assume?


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