Friday, December 28, 2018

Born in Quebec: 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am NHRA Edition

The fourth generation (1993-2002) Pontiac Firebird TransAm was an LS1 powered machine that combined one part GM F-Body chassis with two parts Pontiac "Banshee" styling and 0.5 parts Canadian assembly.  Production ended in 2002, but not before they made a "NHRA" edition that included a 1SH code on the build sheet, a power steering cooler, 3.88 gears, and some badges.  Find this 2002 Pontiac Firebird TransAm NHRA Edition offered for $5900 in San Antonio, TX via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:

2002 firebird 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
Hello up for sale is my 
2002 Pontiac trans Am Firebird 
NHRA special edition 
anniversary addition T tops 
Runs and drives great 
Fully loaded power windows
power door locks
Clean Texas title 
AC heater works good 
Ledger interior 
Touchscreen navigation 
DVD player radio 
Manual transmission 6 speed 
5.7 LS1 Engine has a lot of mods 
Such as Texas speed and performance 
TorQuer V.4 camshaft dwattor 
231/234 lift .629/615111 LSA
TSP/PAC.660 double spring kit 

Retaimers TSP hardened push rods LS7 lifters LSP air LID kooks long tube 
Headers with X pips 4.10 Rear differentials Gears & hearings 
T/A differentials Girdle 
VMI Torque are relocations & Adjustable torque arm 
LS7 Flywhell & clutch Kit ( Luk 04-905)
Melting high pressure Oil pump Low compression 317 cylinder Heads with valve job for boost 
Came stock with = hurst shifters 
LS6 intake manifold 
'99-03 Gm heavy duty truck/SUV 145 amp alternator Dyne tuned at siller Automotive & performance 
Short shifter Billet tensioner pulley 
255 LPH fuel pump 
with pressure regulator 
This car is very rare 
not that many was made 
Only 500 was made in 2002 
Not that many left
It ran out a race track and pull a quarter of a mile 12.4 seconds 
Looking to get rid of it looking to get something new 
I had my fun with It for many years 
Hate to see her go 
But I had my time with it 
I'm asking 5900$
Leaving out of town need to 
get rid of it Christmas special 

See a better way to join the LS1 club?


  1. So cool. Very rare and collectable for the price.

  2. Power steering cooler??
    Outside of teaching parallel parking in a driving school I can’t imagine why one would need such a thing.

  3. Melting high pressure Oil pump - um wha?

    Low compression 317 cylinder Heads with valve job for boost - I don’t see anything about any kind of superchargers of any kind, so I guess this is for cheap gas??

    1. I was wondering what kind of power adder the melting oil pump was...

  4. I think the retaimers help with the Melting oil pump to keep the pips from harming the Ledger interior. Other than the Ricky from Trailer Park Boys style description it looks totally worth it. It may have high mileage and that could explain the low price but still looks like fun with that chuggy cam.

  5. The power steering cooler was required by the NHRA due to the numerous turns featured on their race tracks.

    '99-03 Gm heavy duty truck/SUV 145 amp alternator Dyne tuned at siller Automotive & performance

    I wonder how much power that alternator is laying down.

  6. The only problem I see with a highly modded vehicle is in the resell. If you are not in it for the long haul leave it stock and make selling a lot easier. Since this has been modified already it may make a excellent base for the mod of your choice. A search of Hemmings shows six 2002s for sale and no NHRA packages. The cheapest is 22K with 19K miles. I would hate to hack that one to make my dream car, but this one... not so much, might be fun.

  7. Just noticed it but "TransAm NHRA" is pretty funny considering that the TransAm trademark for "Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water." belongs to the SCCA , not the NHRA


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