Monday, December 10, 2018

All The Wheels: 1989 BMW 325ix E30

BMW built an astonishing 2.5 million E30s in coupe, sedan, estate & convertible trim from 1982 through 1994. The ursprünglicher gangster BMW 3-series was a successful yuppy-mobile when new and has generated a significant cult following as a cheap, fun & reliable sports sedan...but don't expect the prices of the sporty all-wheel-drive 325ix version with a manual gearbox to stay low for much longer. Find this 1989 BMW 325ix here on eBay bidding for $4,050 reserve-not-met with 6 days to go, located in Encino, CA.

This car was up on fleabay and closed an auction last week for $9,300 but is back on the site for whatever reason (non performing bidder...probably).

From the seller:
Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1989
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): WBAAB9302K8137148 Mileage: 151200
Drive Type: AWD Make: BMW
Transmission: Manual
Trim: 325IX Body Type: Coupe
Engine: 2.5

For sale is a very well maintained 1989 BMW 325ix e30 Manual Coupe. Odometer reads only 151k original miles documented with CarFax & Autocheck report. Comes with clean and clear title with no accidents. An excellent example of this year and model. No signs of abuse. Adult driven. Always garaged, properly maintained, and serviced while in my possession. All services are up to date, with minor service performed within last 200 miles and a major service in 2015 by the previous with a receipt over 4k for the work done to it including a motor rebuilt. Runs and drives excellent. Drives as good as it looks. It is in excellent shape for a 28 year old car, showing less than average wear and tear even before the brand new paint job that still needs a good color sand which has not been done yet. 

Please read this ad top to bottom carefully, and please pay particular attention to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the ad. If you do not agree or are unclear with anything described or stated please contact me prior to bidding as the last winning bidder was unresponsive and that is why the car is being posted again. A 24 hour $500 deposit must be made after the auction has ended via PayPal. 

Contact me with any questions prior to bidding. Serious bidders only please! Bid with confidence. 


2.5 liter, runs excellent, all service and maintenance up to date, Minor Service done within 500 miles includes:

fuel, air and oil filters
new spark plugs
coolant flushed
new fluids: oil, coolant, transmission, and differentials
new timing belt
new tensioners
new water pump

While a major service was done in 2015 by the previous owner includes: 

new cam seals
new head gasket and new head bolts
new drive train belts
new oil cooler line 
new cylinder head with new valves and springs 
new front and rear crank seals
new oil and gas pumps 
new gaskets and o-rings
new alternator and starter
new thermostat
Manual 5 Speed transmission, recently serviced

Tan BMW interior, excellent condition (as seen in photos), front seats have been swapped out with newly reupholstered leatherette e30 325is sport seats carpet could use some work, dash is crack free as seen in pictures. 

Paint and Body are in excellent condition and 100% rust free and all VIN's are matching a very recent repaint has been done in its factory BMW Red (Brilliantrot) color which still needs a good color and wet sand to be in excellent condition. Before the repaint there were no dents or scratches the paint was done because of oxidation on the hood and roof. 

Factory 15” BMW BBS IX Basketweave wheels, tire condition is about 75% 

Factory A/C system that works well and blows cold at the highest setting only, power windows work great and so does the manual sunroof

A Magnaflow exhaust has been installed giving the car an extra growl than it did with the stock exhaust (sounds amazing) 


Brakes are in excellent condition and the suspension has been upgraded with Bilstein shocks upfront and in the rear along with H&R springs. 

See a better way to drive red?


  1. Does AWD enhance or kill the balanced driving fun that this generation of 3-series was known for? I would live to hear from people who have driven both the RWD and AWD versions of this car.

    1. I drove a RWD and AWD E46 BMWs and found the AWD to feel numb and boring compared to the RWD. I don't know if the same setup was used on these or not.

    2. @Bobinott - I've loggged well over 250,000 miles in an iX and also a bunch of miles in various RWD E30s. There is definitely a difference, mostly because these cars have completely revised front suspension geometry but also because of a not-insignificant weight difference and the power-assist at the front wheels. As a result I would characterize the car's responses as lazier, but still refined and enjoyable. In the snow it makes for a confidence-inspiring experience and offers unstoppable fun when there is reduced traction available. The limited slip differentials and rearward power distribution bias make this a much more engaging drive than any ABS-based traction control AWD offering I've sampled yet.

  2. I miss my '87 325IS..........always thought of getting an IX back in the day but didnt for the reasons enumerated above by tian647. As for this example, having the engine rebuilt and a repaint makes me wonder just how hard it was campaigned prior to the work. If the price was right I can see getting into it and putting it away (lol) to reemerge as a barn find in ten years and sell as B-J for gold chained big gut money

  3. Why wouldn't the seller put this on the BaT and double the money?
    Such a nice example.

  4. Thanks to sites like this alerting everyone that 1st gen RX7's and E30's are the next big ticket they've become ... the next big ticket. Meanwhile I really want another 240z, but they've become absurdly priced for the very same reasons. Why don't you guys start pushing TR6 values so that I can finally sell mine for something close to what I have in it?

  5. Looks great although I don't know why anyone would want the expense, weight, and complexity of the AWD for a fair weather weekend run-about.

  6. Yeah, speaking from the Porsche side of the RWD vs AWD debate, my current 996 c4s doesn’t hold a candle to my (lamented) sold 996 c2. The feel is almost like a completely different car...others have written about it eloquently, I’m sure. The c4s grabs you by the shoulders, grabs the road with all fours and marches you both through a turn in stern lockstep. But the c2 takes you by the hand and dances with you, playfully but confidently. I am constantly trolling for my next c2 996 because of this stark dichotomy.


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