Wednesday, December 19, 2018

6-speed manual: 2005 Ford F-350 6.0L PowerStroke diesel

The 6.0 liter Powerstroke V8 was introduced to the Ford SuperDuty pickup in 2003 and it packed quite a turbodiesel punch.  In 2005, it was further upgraded to 325 horsepower and 570 ft-lbs of stump pulling torques -- which is very nice when matched to a 6-speed manual box. Find this 2005 Ford F-350 6.0L PowerStroke diesel offered for $12000 in Elkton, MD via craigslist. Tip from Jeff S.

From the seller:

2005 ford f350 
condition: good 
cylinders: 8 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: diesel 
odometer: 144500 
paint color: red 
size: full-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: pickup 
2005 Ford F-350
6.0 L diesel
144,xxx miles.
Not 4x4 - rear wheel drive
Super cab
6-speed manual.
Clean Title

The truck has 6 new firestone tires (~1-1.5 years old, less than 5k miles)
It has 8 new (replaced in 2016) fuel injectors (warren stock injectors with upgraded spool valves to resist injector stiction).
Stand pipes and dummy plugs were upgraded.
STC fitting installed on HPOP
5th wheel hookup and trailer brake controller are installed. I never used either so functionality is unknown.

The body has dents and scratches, but the paint and body condition is in overall good condition.

Selling because I bought another vehicle and don't need this much truck. Condition as is and I reserve the right to accept higher offers.


  1. 144k miles on a 6.0 PowerStroke w/o mention of any bulletproofing having been done? Get ready to pony up at least $2k in parts and, if you're not handy with a spanner, another $2k in labor to make this thing reliable.

  2. 5th wheel and trailer brake installed but not used? Is there any other reason to buy one of these?

    1. "Do you think maybe he's compensating for something."

  3. "I reserve the right to accept higher offers",very optimistic isn't he?

  4. Never heard anything good about the early 6.0 lot's of problems....

  5. I have a '99 7.3 PSD. Never an issue. 6.0 was not Ford's greatest success effort.

  6. Ran a 6.0 to about 250k miles before moving it on for a new Scorpion 6.7. No big complaints, but understand that some of the early ones did have some issues. The 6.7 sure is easier to start on cold days and the torque is pretty crazy. I still haven't gotten more than 15k miles on a set of tires, though that includes lots of gravel roads and towing.

  7. The major issues had been resolved by the final couple years for the 6.0 engine. I've had an '07 F-250 Super Duty FX4 for over 6 years and 160,000+ miles... it has just under 190k on it now... practically no issues (knocking on wood/formica). To date, I've replaced a radiator, one sensor in the tranny, one brake caliper and a serpentine belt. I'm gonna keep it as long as it will let met.


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