Friday, November 9, 2018

PVC Fuel Line: 1974 Laser Porsche 917 Kit Car

I'm a fan of terrible cars, which is not so good for you guys because you've got to read this stuff and I write most of the articles, so you are going to need to suffer through some junk like this...crap, did I just say that out loud...double crap, did I just write that down.  Welp, the backspace button is broken on this keyboard, so you'll have to keep reading. Find this 1974 Laser Porsche 917 Kit Car offered for $16,500 near Tampa Bay, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1974 laser 917 porsche 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 4458 
paint color: custom 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: other 

1974 laser 917 Replica Kit Car with clean title; condition: like new; cylinders: 4 cylinders; fuel: gas; odometer: 4458; custom; size: full-size; title status: clean; transmission: manual; Replica laser 917; New chameleon paint job, new cv axles, new wipers, new headlights, new brake lights, new optima red battery, new shifting knob, new brake paddles, new brakes, new master cylinder, new steering wheel, new quick disconnect, new rims, new low profile tires, new exhaust muffler, new complete tune up on engine and transmission, engine rebuild, 10 inch touch screen system with navigation blue tooth gps new antenna, new speakers, new amp, the stereo system is soundstream, new carpet, new emblems, new decals, new rear view side mirrors, new rear mirror, new carburetor, new door hydraulics, new 5 point harness seat belt, all nuts and bolts/washers are all stainless steel, new carbon fiber spoiler, new carbon fiber racing seats, just too many parts to list have lots of receipts. Car runs excellent. no reasonable offer refused, May consider (partial trade for truck)

See a better way to drive something crazy?


  1. The gull wing doors are attached with what appears to be cheap cabinet hinges from a hardware store.

  2. Please burn my eyes out with a laser!

  3. There are some obvious flaws with this laser like the cabinet hing setup. The paint while nice, not my thing with the color change though if it were a single color with the bass flake I could dig that funk. Even with all these problems, it is still the nicest Laser I've seen for sale, usually they're a clapped-out, half finished hot-mess of parts scattered across a garage.

    1. Agree with you on all points, Chris. Especially on it being probably the best Laser kit I've ever seen.

      Which is kind of like saying it's the best chocolate turd cake I've ever eaten.

      No, I haven't eaten chocolate turd cake. And I'm not going to start now. Same with this car...

      -Stan (...yeah...*that* Stan...)

  4. Wow, so much to love...

    -The PVC fuel line (maybe he's a plumber?)

    -The purple-and-green Barney-meets-Kermit paint job (maybe he teaches preschool?)

    -The carbon-faux-ber wrap on the bumper. A BUMPER?!? (Maybe he teaches Special Ed Auto Shop?)

    -The 5 point safety belts bolted on to the...what. Fiberglas body? Rusty VW pan? (maybe he's an undead zombie?)

    -The Donk-style wheels and oversized Porch emblem (maybe he still plays with Hot Wheels?)

    -The low, LOW miles (Maybe he can't drive it because parts keep flying off at its top speed...of 30 mph?)

    But the absolute cutting-edge high-tech winner?

    The Home Depot hinges on the gull wing doors.

    I mean, not even painted... still zinc or chrome over pot metal.

    Maybe he got high end hinges at Restoration Hardware and wanted to show them off?

    -Stan (who has a soft spot for kit cars... the soft spot is right behind my left ear. I should probably have a steel plate there...)

  5. Gotta love those four-point harnesses on a car that will probably self-destruct, Blues-Brothers-style, from a 10mph impact.

  6. Those door hinges look vastly stronger than the hinges on the real 917, which are really just a couple of things that look like they are made of coat hanger wire.
    I sat in a one of Louise Piech's Salzburg 917s at the Rennsport reunion a few years ago and it was such an obvious death trap. The bodywork is so thin you can see through it in spots. Markings on it where it's strong enough to push without shoving your hand through. No roll bar much less roll cage. It had a magnesium tube frame just because an aluminum tube frame was for people who weren't fully committed to winning. The guys who drove them were pretty darn brave if not crazy.

    Anyway, in the real 917 the racing harness may as well be duct taped to some wet cardboard.

    I'd feel safer riding a motorcycle in the rain in traffic naked except for a blindfold.

    Fun to watch other people drive them though.

  7. Well, it is possible that the guy did his homework before he selected the PVC for his fuel line..... PVC gasoline resistance test

    1. My Porsche still has a plastic fuel line that has lasted for 47 years, even with that ethanol stuff.

      Those wheels on the other hand are beyond the bounds of good taste, bad taste, distaste, and old tuna left in the trunk for a long weekend in august taste. I mean, just look at them.

    2. I have been to look at this car in person. It has so many things not done right an many things need to be done. It is maybe at best 50% done.Many things left to do. Wiring laying an hanging everywhere. The red/black seats he has setting in his bedroom to go in it wont fit they are to tall an hit the roof. Could be why they are still in the bedroom. After I saw the car and how it was put together I didn't even want to take it for a test drive. Not sure what the PVC gas line was all about it has a VW eng in the back. All I can say is good luck trying to get $13,500 out of it.

  8. Misguided youth.

  9. 8 cylinders short of a 917......

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