Monday, November 12, 2018

Former Museum Car: 1962 Volvo PV544

I'm a sucker for a good museum quality car.  Actually, that isn't entirely true, because I don't like paying over-inflated Bring a Barrett-Jackson prices for my machines.  I guess, I should say that I'm sucker for museum quality cars offered for craigslist discount prices.  Like this 1962 Volvo PV544 here on eBay currently bidding for $6,223 with 4 days to go, located in Pittsburgh, PA.

 From the seller:
Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1962
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 124543 Mileage: 65000
Exterior Color: Cream Make: Other Makes
Number of Cylinders: 4 Model:
Body Type: Coupe Engine: b18 4 cylinder
Vehicle Title: Clear Fuel Type: Gasoline

1962 Volvo PV544. Matching numbers. Completely original. No rust. B18 4 cylinder. 4 speed manual. Runs, drives, shifts excellent. Drive anywhere. Formerly museum owned. Great collector support and parts are plentiful for these. The rust by the back bumper was fender bender, not corrosion. Super solid 

See a better way to drive a Volvo?


  1. sort-of interesting. these classic volvo cars do not have the iron bar diagonally across the grille. an expedient that became a design element to volvos. except for this one...

  2. Very nice example. And it is a "no reserve" auction! Regarding preferences, I have found that "too perfect" cars stress me out. I prefer a slightly "live in" example. It stops me worrying about every stretch of gravel road.


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