Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bracq Fivespeed: 1984 BMW 733i

This next car is a continuation of our Bracq Friday spectacular from yesterday -- a festival of the best stuff from French born automotive legend Paul Bracq.  The E23 7-series was released in 1977 as the first BMW to wear the 7XX designation and as a replacement for the aging E3 New Six platform.  The changes were more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the Paul Bracq designed shark nose shape is certainly more modern looking than the New Six, in part because it has a higher beltline, and smaller greenhouse. Find this 1984 BMW 733i offered for $5000 CAD ($2.33 USD...I think...actually $3776 USD) located in Edmonton, AB, Canada via  Tip from Erik202.

From the seller:
Selling my rare 5 speed 7 series bmw 733i. Car was bought from the original owner. Car is fully loaded with auto heated power seats, headrest, windows , sunroof and mirrors. Car drives and runs great and needs nothing. Car a set of new summer tires with as of sept 7 2018 gold mesh wheels New battery was installed and comes with a high flow magna flow exhaust. Such a sporty sedan with the 5 speed gearbox! Will entertain offers after a viewing . Look all over Kijij or craiglists, you won’t find a e23 5 speed. Currently stored in a heated underground parkcade. Reasonable offer will be entertain after seeing the car. Cheers!

See a better way to drive a 5-speed piece of art?


  1. Quite a decent buy, if it checks out as rust free. Big 6 and a 5-speed, what's not to like?

  2. Replies
    1. or maybe not


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