Friday, October 5, 2018

Raptor and Tribulation: 2010 Ford F150 SVT Raptor

When the Ford SVT Raptor hit the showrooms in late 2009, I said to myself:  "Self, this is going to be an AWESOME DT car once the frames have been bent, odometers rolled, and the magic wand of depreciation has driven prices low...can't take more than 5 years."  Well...amazingly enough, these beasts maintained high resale value for almost a decade and ONLY now (ten years after launch...literally) can you get one for less than $20k -- and not just sketchy craigslist ads with minimal details and probably a complex 419 scam on the other end.  But, a real 5.4L V8 powered off-road beast for the price of a few Dodge Ram beaters. Find this 2010 Ford F150 SVT Raptor offered for $21,500 in Watertown, CT via craigslist.

From the seller:

2010 Ford Raptor 
fuel: gas 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
Looking to sell my Ford Raptor. 

This truck is VERY CLEAN. No rust issues. No accident history. No paintwork. No modifications.

Specs as follow:
Black on Black
SuperCab / Extended Cab
BF Goodrich tires with excellent tread
New Factory Fox Shocks installed recently ($$$)

Current mileage is ~169k, but I do drive the truck often, so likely to increase!

Carfax is clean, indicates the truck has been dealer maintained from new, and shows 2 owners. I have a clean, lein free title in hand.

A lot of these trucks have been modified and/or driven hard. This truck is bone stock (aside from an aftermarket headunit). It has been well cared for and used as an every day vehicle - NOT a work truck! Bed has spray in liner and is in very nice shape. Again, this wasn't used as a "truck"! Leather seats are in nice condition, and show wear far less than miles indicate! This truck is truly in SUPERB condition for the miles! When I purchased it, it was cleaner than many trucks w 1/2 or 1/3 the miles!!

This truck needs nothing! I love the truck, but I'd like something new! I would consider partial trades towards a newer Raptor.

Asking $21,500

See a better way to join the Raptor club?


  1. Whenever I see this I think of what a pain in the ass it is to park my regular width F150 and the thought of driving something wider just kills it for me.

    1. Mirror to mirror it's the same width as any other F150. It's just the front axle width that is wider. Still a pain to park.

  2. The Raptor came standard with a 6.2L engine not a 5.4L as stated by the seller.

    1. According to the wikipedia the 2010 Raptor was available with a 5.4 liter V8 and optional 6.2 liter -- but in 2011 the only engine was the 6.2 liter. I can't find any mention of the 5.4 liter in Motortrend/C&D/R&T articles from the pedia might be wrong.

    2. This is a 2010 model per your writeup so yes, it most likely has the 5.4 in it. They came with 5.4s for about the first year after they were introduced. A lot of people held off buying them waiting until the 6.2s came out. A good friend of mine owned the first Raptor I ever drove (identical to this one) and it had a 5.4 in it. I thought ti was still fairly peppy myself but apparently I was one of the few in it.

    3. *that felt that way. (not 'in it').

    4. They came with the 5.4 until mid 2010 when the 6.2 was released. Source: I personally waited until the 6.2 was released before I bought mine.

  3. The Punisher drives one of these to drop his kids off at school my kids go to. Kinda make all the other dads in their emasculating mini vans and prius seem lame.

  4. "Again, this wasn't used as a "truck"!"

    As if there was really any question about that


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