Thursday, October 4, 2018

Non Aero Van: 1971 Ford Econoline E250 Food Truck

It isn't uncommon for a reader to see something on DailyTurismo and say "what am I looking at?" because that's the way we like it around these parts.  But today, I'm asking that question because I can't tell if this next thing is a functioning auto or a trailer or a home...or...? Whatever it is, I'm getting hungry.  Find this 1971 Ford Econoline Food Truck offered for $18500 in Columbus, NE via craigslist. Tip from Taylor.

From the seller:

1971 ford e250 econoline
fuel: other
title status: clean
transmission: other
I have for sale my rare crazy food truck
Is pass inspection last month
Is have new air conditioner
New water heater
Everything is working perfectly
Flat top 36 x 30 gas

2 burner gas
3 compartment sinks
Hand sink
Please call or text
show contact info
Only serious people please
Cash only
Is located in Columbus Nebraska 68601

See a better way to drive meaty?


  1. It says it passed inspection. Is that from the DMV or the Health Department?

  2. This is probably the most hilarious "vehicle" (or "kitchen") I've ever seen posted here. I can't stop laughing. Seriously. So many questions.

    Real questions:
    1. Had they not thought of vending out of the back of the van instead of the front?
    2. How does this van move? I'm assuming the drivetrain is gone and besides, how would you see to drive?
    3. Why use a van at all if you're going in this direction? Why not use a shed or shipping container?
    4. Is this eligible for LeMons racing with a few modifications?
    5. Can someone just buy this and bring it to LeMons for food vending? That's less of a question and more of just a plea to anyone out there.

    Sarcastic questions:
    1. Are the cinder blocks included in the sale?
    2. I can't tell from the outside, what kinds of meats are available in the tacos?
    3. Is this actually just the byproduct of a van crashing into a taco stand and both owners just saying "f*@k it!" and walking away?
    4. What kind of mileage does it get?
    5. Does the added taco stand affect the van's handling?

    I want to buy this, change the black paint to orange and start a business called "Uncle Rico's Tacos". Park it at Coachella or Burning Man and watch the cash roll in.

  3. So it's now FORD (Food On the Road Dead)?

  4. “transmission: other”
    Well if you don’t wash your hands, who knows what you might be transmitting.

  5. My thoughts...

    Top Gear (Amazon) needs to buy this.

    The Stig needs to drive it on the freeway at 65 mph, while

    Jeremy Clarkson is making tacos inside, and handing them to..

    RIchard Hammond, who is reaching out of the van, taking cash from drivers and throwing tacos at cars who have paid (all while the Stig is taking turns on 2 wheels)

    ...While this is all going on. James May is hanging under the van, on the freeway, pouring antifreeze and transmission fluid into the reservoirs because it's leaking like a sieve...

    Top Gear Grand Tour, are you listening?

    -Stan (who moonlights at a drive through Hooters/ASPCA, where you can get tasty chicken wings AND adopt a new puppy, all at the same time!)

    1. Stan -- this is the kind of thinking that every modern TV show needs. Less reality tv, more taco tankers.
      -Vince (the other Vince).

  6. It has plates and looks like it's at a gas station. It must be drivable. I just don't know how. Someone needs to check this out and report back.

    1. I think that's a hitch on the front and it's pulled with a tow vehicle.

  7. Looks like it ran over a toll booth or Barista stand.......OMG

  8. Thank you DT. Haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

  9. Something tells me that there is some intersection of motor vehicle, building and land use codes that intersect to make this the logical solution to “how do I sell tacos in a parking lot”.

    Reminds me of years ago when the highway patrol would make the rounds handing out citations for house trailers that had been parked for years for broken taillights and rotted tires.


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