Thursday, September 20, 2018

Honk If Parts Fall Off: 1961 Volvo PV544

It is Thursday, time for the classic American tradition called Thorsday where we celebrate Scandinavian stuff that is from those wacky Swedes/Finns/Nors/Danes (HEY, Don't forget about the Icelanders you lattelepjandi lopatrefill) and Icies.  Anyway, this next car is a classic from yesteryear that looks like it is from yestercentury...which is actually true...ANYWAY, find this 1961 Volvo PV544 here on eBay offered for $6750 buy-it-now located in Coloma, MI

 From the seller:
Please read carefully and or message me w questions

Can Lowe price by $800 of you don’t want spare motor

Less than 10 Ebay feedbacks from buyer will cancel sale unless you message me as we talk

Deposit of $500 within 24 hours after sale through PayPal and my email else sale cancelled

Ask as many questions as possible BEFORE buying thanks

This is a 1961 PV544 with a B16 motor and spare B16 motor and some other valuable parts

Runs . Has some smoke out exhaust pretty sure valves need adjustment

Twin carbs ... paint job looks better in pictures it’s amateur job but works and body doesn’t seem to have much work done but I can’t tell

Has full MOONROOF similar to Volkswagens

New powder coated rims and tires few yrs Ago with receipts

Interior clean

Starts up and drives and runs but seems to need tuneup

Can be seen driven in coloma Michigan

The spare motor was supposedly gone over BUT can’t verify as previous owner died. I have compression tester here if buyer wants to test I’ve never done that before .

See a better way to drive thorsday?


  1. Nice red wheels!
    Not so sure about the random metallic blue paint under the hood, some sort of Swedish flag customization thing?

  2. Because a tune-up will always fix a car that has exhaust smoke. PFFFT!

    - Average Bear

  3. When all else fails go rat rod......still......... throw a skull and bones on the door and be subtler.......

  4. Anyone else here love where the heater blower motor is?

    1. With a little rerouting you can use it to add boost to the engine!


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