Friday, September 28, 2018

Hatch Camper: 1975 Oldsmobile Omega

The '75-79 Oldsmobile Omega offered all of the reliability and road manners of the Nova, but with an upscale Oldsmobile grill and some wood trim on the inside -- this was some serious mid 70s luxury folks.  Suspension in the 1975 version, of course, shared with the Nova, but very similar to the one used in GM's 2nd generation Camaro/Firebird F-body cars. It was equally as wonderful or terrible depending on who you ask...but this one comes with the rare rear-hatch camper tent option...which is the big orange tent you see pictured below that looks like something you'd deploy to warn people that your Omega had broken down on the side of the road or was about to.  Find this 1975 Oldsmobile Omega here on eBay offered for $7,500 buy-it-now or make-offer located in St Louis, MO.

 From the seller:
Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1975
Mileage: 0 Interior Color: White
Make: Other Makes Number of Cylinders: 8
oldsmobile omega
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: v8 Body Type: Coupe
Drive Type: RWD Vehicle Title: Clear
For Sale By: Private Seller Exterior Color: Gray

Here is a rare Oldsmobile omega two door hatch back,this is a survivor type car with just 69,000 miles,its got the rare  optional camping tent with it,very kool.has air conditioning that works could use a charge,small 260 v8 automatic,can be a  everyday driver ,there is some rust forming down low in places,the car was repainted sometime in its past it was originally a light green  ,has a smooth ride,and you will not see another

See a better way to drive a Nova?


  1. Way back when I was a Boy Scout a scout master from another troop had one of these. I had no idea what car it was at the time but thought he was the coolest camper. I remember we slept in WW Ii surplus pup tents and that dude glamor camped. I swear I can still smell the musty, mildew scent of old canvas but I digress.

    Also, love the Old Skool cold air intake. It was a prerequisite at the time to flip the air cleaner cover on a carbed car. I remember doing that to my Dad's '74 Kingswood wagon. He didn't appreciate that when he noticed. The for the memories!

  2. It has a 2" receiver hitch. I wonder what you could tow with that small V8.

  3. The long-lost ancestor of the Pontiac Aztec? I had no idea this existed.

  4. I got a little obsessed with Nova hatchbacks after seeing Logan Lucky.

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