Wednesday, September 26, 2018

50% Off: Half of a 1981 Ferrari Mondial

I've known quite a few automotive enthusiasts who have casually tossed out the idea of owning a portion of some exotic sports car -- you won't drive a Ferrari every day, so why not split the cost of purchasing and maintaining it with another like minded car guy/gal. However, this next car is for the guy/gal who wants half a super car but doesn't like to share. Now, you can have your half a cake and eat it too!  Find this half of a 1981 Ferrari Mondial offered for $8000 in Orange County, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
 1981 Farrari Mondial
VIN: Farrari PS2
condition: good
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: electric
odometer: 1981
paint color: red
size: sub-compact
title status: missing
transmission: other
type: convertible
Here we have a Ferrari Mondial convertible that was cut in half by the movie studios for the movie
Cannon Ball run with Sammy Davis Jr. I had purchased it and had it in my showroom to entertain
my customers kids while they where looking at cars. You could go on a test drive for hours and they
would sit in the now 2 seater playing away while with there parents selling them a car.

This has the PS2 am/fm stereo cd player and also dvd player which is operated with the key from the
ignition system. It is powered by a 110 volt inverter to 12 volts for the system to operate. This is a
real car with the import plate still intact and vin # which indicates it as a 1981 with a clear Carfax LoL.

Also is a great conversion piece I made up a lot of stories about this unique Ferrari. The best one was that
it was from my divorce and she got half of everything LoL. I also have 2 renderings for a back on the wall
you can paint behind that will come with. You just need somebody blow up the pics and paint the back drop.
I have made a moving system for it to push it around for ease putting into place. Also I wired it up some the
running lights and dash light come on with the switch, the head lights do not come up though.

So if you real serious about this entertainment system and would like in your show room and or party pool
room or your whatever room give me a call. This is a early version of electric stationary vehicle!!
Thanks for L@@KING

See a better car for converting into a motorcycle sidecar?


  1. This would cut the timing belt replacement bill in half. #Winning

  2. Tough decision, either this Ferrari for $8,000 or the V8 Chevette
    for $4,200. That would leave me a budget of $3,800 to buy new rear tires every week!

  3. So does it have a slant 4 engine?


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