Thursday, August 9, 2018

Trade for Driveway: 1981 Volkswagen Vokaro Kit Car

There is something about craigslist that brings out the inner oddball in people -- particularly when dealing with items they will barter for a car.  Bitcoins, other cars, houses, children, wives -- nothing seems to be off the table, and today we found an entire new category for potential trade -- paving. Find this 1981 Volkswagen Vokaro Kit Car offered for $6500 or trade for driveway offered in North Sarasota...errr...not sure what state that is located in but it looks pretty and lots of small lakes...Michigan? via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
1981 VW 
VIN: vwb6431484 
condition: excellent 
engine displacement (CC): 1600 
fuel: gas 
paint color: white 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
I have a 1981 Vokaro kit car , I am planning on replacing my driveway with pavers and may consider trading this car for a completed driveway job , or a partial trade Harley/cash tell what you have worst I can say is no, it must run and have a title , no hard tails , [ my 64yr old back cant take it ] Sooo,
the car is a 1981 VW kit car on a 1970 VW chassis ,1600 single port , IRS , ball joint front end .
titled and insured in my name , I drive it weekly , can be seen on YouTube under Vokaro , also listed on the samba web site and gallery .
car runs and drives very well , handles great and corners like a race car, the only thing I would change is front disc brakes , it now has standard VW drum system but stops ok , car has slight yellowing where I molded the windshield frame to the body [ hard to see in the daylight ] .
has basic wiring , horn , lights , wipers , turns , no radio , cruse etc. hi output charging system 
I saved this little car and did all the work on it so I have the history as well as all receipts and original factory photos/brochure NO scams , I have heard it all , no pay pal ,no emails , only thru Craig's list or call me .
if we do the driveway thing you must have references .
call after 7:am or before 8:pm

See a better car to trade for your next road?


  1. I like how the taillights form scare quotes around the "engine".

  2. Sarasota is in Florida, I know because my ex-wife went to USF.

  3. Why have so many of these come out of the woodwork recently?
    The looks are beginning to grow on me.
    Looks like a great home for one of those 3 cylinder ford ecoboost engines with 200 hp and the weight of my kids' laundry when they visit. Why oh why don't they sell those as crate motors?

    1. You can get the four cylinder Ecoboost as a crate motor:

      This kit car looks oddly like a Triumph Spitfire from the front, not that that's a bad thing.


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