Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jean Jacket Needed: 1982 Ford Mustang GT

This next car comes as a tip from Jeff who writes: The words "one owner" and "1982" are things you typically don't hear together when reading an ad about a car that's 36 years old. If it comes with a jean jacket I might be tempted....  So true!!  Find this 1982 Ford Mustang GT offered from the original owner for $9,500 in Seattle, WA via craigslist.

 From the seller:
1982 ford mustang gt 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 8 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 47000 
paint color: custom 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
Selling my one owner 1982 Mustang GT glass t-top. Originally had the 5.0 but has been swapped with a 5.8L 351 Windsor. 10k miles on motor & only 47k original miles on body. Car holds a clean title and price is obo. We've had this car since it first came out and it's time to part from it just don't use it anymore sits in garage. It's fully custom won't find one like it. 550hp.

Some of the specs on this stang:
Edlebrock high rpm heads with triple springs
Edlebrock toquer intake manifold 
Barry grant silver claw 830cfm carburetor 
Nickel plated long tube headers 
11:1 compression pistons been balanced 
5.8 351 Windsor 
High volume oil pump 
Double roller timing chain 
536 lift comp cams 313 duration 
New T-5 built tranny borg Warner with center force clutch 
B&M shifter 
Mallory fuel pump 
MSD pro distributer 
MSD ignition box 
One cable alternator 
4 9in rear end chopped and narrowed by south west enterprises 
4:11 Detroit locker rear end 
Eibach lowering springs 
Air shocks 
Straight pipe with flow masters quad tips 
Gt steering wheel 
Bf Goodrich tires with extra wheels on Cheater slicks 
Set up to run on airplane fuel 
Cowl hood, rear window louvers, custom side skirts and rear bumper. Headlight GTO covers.
2 15in subs 2 Rockford amps 
Custom seats, custom tweeters in it

There's more but can't name of the top of my head. Cash only & please no trades. Dm for videos thanks.

See a better beast for driving to a Metallica concert?


  1. And just like that, this guy just won RADWOOD.

  2. That and a White Zombie cd and I'm ready for to cruise the strip like the high school days. 4 eye fox bodies seem to be aging better than the 87-up ones.

  3. May I say to achieve perfection, this Stang needs Rally Double wiper blades

  4. Had me until "Set up to run on airplane fuel".

    1. Avgas. Just really purified (zero particles) high-octane gasoline. JetA would kill that engine in a hurry.

  5. Ger rid of the wheels, I bet a set of the gold basket weaves from a Mclaren ASC would look perfect. Then rock it, making 11's everywhere you go!

  6. Louvers...check.
    5.8 fender badge...check
    GTO blackout lenses...check
    Cemetery photo backdrop...umm...check.


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