Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Don't Call Me Mini: 1990 Mitsubishi Delica L300 Star Wagon

The Mitsubishi Delica was a compact Japanese van with unibody construction, a mid-engine RWD or 4WD drivetrain, and a smattering of engine options. These were sold in North America under the creative model names Van and Wagon, and only lasted a few years here (1987-1990)...but if you ask this guy (and you did...right?) I'd say they are as cool as a Volkswagen Vanagon and should be collectible in the future.  Find this 1990 Mitsubishi Delica L300 Star Wagon offered for $13,300 in Truckee, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
1990 mitsubishi delica 
condition: excellent 
cylinders: 4 cylinders 
drive: 4wd 
fuel: diesel 
odometer: 141000 
paint color: black 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: van 
Looking to find a new home for our Delica. The Delica is the perfect compact go anywhere van for anyone who finds themselves in mountains, coasts and the city. In and out 4WD, Diesel, Over 20mpg, Crystal Lite roof for sleeping under the stars. I imported this van 2 years ago from Vancouver and unfortunately have a move ahead that does not include it. Van is registered in WY but currently resides in CA. Now that it has been imported there should be no issue with registration anywhere (even in CA as it is pre 1997 diesel). Van is in great condition, is ready for your dream conversion and will turn heads wherever you go. Specific notes below:

-4x4 turbo diesel
-4" lift. The clearance on this van is solid.
-Current tires are BF Goodrich A/T TKO. Also comes with a brand new set of Kumho Road Venture AT51. Tires are 31 10.5 R15.
-Updated stereo with CD player and USB
-After market full size steel hitch
-Comes with back bench seat and both second row bucket seats (not pictured as we used for camping)
-Comes with replacement front left light (current one is cracked as seen in photos)
-Brand new batteries
-Custom steering wheel
-Starts and runs like a top

Issues (this van is almost 30yrs old):
-Small dent in back left panel
-Minor rust on top
-Needs new blower motor for interior fan
-Needs front end love: tie rods (inner & outer), upper/lower control arms etc.

Let me know if you are interested. I'll look to answer any questions you have. Please, serious inquiry only.

**Note: This is a JDM van and is right hand drive. Super easy to learn.

***4x4, diesel, 4WD, vanlife, van, vanagon, camper, offroad

See a better way to drive a delica?


  1. I have always liked these. They are rugged vans and while odd to drive at first, not that hard to adjust to even though you sit quite forward in the cab. But..."Van is registered in WY but currently resides in CA"

  2. Might be worth the ask if they had it registered in CA. Otherwise, crack pipe.

  3. "runs like a top"... I guess handles like a top also...

  4. I like the look with the lift. Just not sure what 60 mph with a 30 mph crosswind would feel like with that short wheelbase and that tall body.


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