Friday, July 6, 2018

What's The Catch?: 2003 BMW M5

Probably all DT readers would love to have the funds to buy high performance machine like a BMW M5, but this usually requires a serious sum of coin which everyone does not have. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a future classic E39 chassis BMW M5 for under $10K. On first glance, the car appears to be pretty clean with no obvious signs of modification or neglect. Is an M5 with 297,000 miles a bridge too far for you to cross or just getting broken in at that point?  Find this 2003 BMW M5 for sale in Queens, NY for $8,300 via OfferUp.

Extremely light details from the seller:

Nice clean M5 like new miles 297k good condition Motor 400hp

There is no way to really know how decent this car is from the info provided.  It looks clean enough to these eyes, but I would want to see if the seller had any service history available.  Feeling lucky today?

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  1. Other end of the spectrum however this is my dream M5
    2003 BMW MMMMM

  2. Buy it, drive it, wait for it to blow up, put an LS in it for about $6-7K, drive it till the apocalypse then race the 4 horsemen and embarrass them with it.


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