Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What Am I? The Whole Enchilada JDM Edition

Welcome back to a Tuesday edition of the game we call, "What Am I?".  Today's version of the game has a lot more clues than the usual snippet of a picture.  Remember the TV advertisement where the pitchman is screaming into the camera how insane his prices are?  That is us because today we are giving you everything!  It can't be true, but in fact it is.  The entire for sale ad for the today's subject can be found here, name this mystery JDM Kei Deckover for sale in Harpusvillle, NY.

Scant details by the seller do not help much:

Very rare japanese 4x4 deck over van 5 speed runs and drives great call only

Good info if you can register one of these in your state here:  Kei trucks.

What am I? comments below.


  1. Obviously that's a Daihatsu HiJet. The Corner markers and wheels are good indicators.

    HI JET

    [image src="http://www.braveautointernational.jp/gallery/pics/30068_1288686074.jpg" width="400px"/]

    1. I've always kinda wanted a Kei Truck. This would be perfect as long as I never needed to go above 45.

  2. Harpursville, NY. 40 mi from me! is this a pickup/DOKA crew cab taken to the absolute extreme? room for 4(small) humans and a "bed" large enough to carry a single hanging basket?


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