Monday, July 30, 2018

VVL Egg: 1993 Nissan NX2000

The Nissan B13 SE-R and NX Hatch were two cars that received near universal praise in the press and from enthusiasts for being fun to drive and extremely easy to modify.  These models are prone to rust which is the main reason why you see so few decent examples up for sale any more.  Being rare does not always translate into being valuable though.  Today's reasonably priced NX2000 has been modified to excel at autocross, is said to be rust free, and has the tasty SR20VE engine swapped in.  Find this 1993 Nissan NX2000 for sale in Tuckahoe, VA for $3,500 via craigslist.  Tip from Fuel Truck.

Details from the seller:

I'm selling my 93 Nissan nx2000 pretty rare car you never see these in this condition T Top car !

This car was set up for autoX but is also a perfect daily driver if need be

Car is all original paint so it's far from perfect put it's a great platform and body is in great shape for the year ! no rust !!! Which is hard to come by on these cars . Body has around 175k 

Mod list: 
Sr20VE swap (Nisan vtec )with roughly around 90k miles with Rare p12 valve cover 
After market Pulleys 
Aftermarket header 
Msd ignition /rev limiter set to 7500 with msd window switch cracks (vtec) around 4500 rpm 
B14 trans 
Eibach lowering springs 
Brand new Mabe 1k miles konig dst's 15inch with Yokohama sdrives all the way around 

Evo 8 recaros great condition and still fully adjustable 
No name short shifter /steering wheel have the stock one still 


Car had working ac but the compressor stopped working replace the your good to go and car needs a new fog light on the driver side glass was broke 

I've had the car for 4 years she's been a great little steet car 
Like I said this car was going to be autoXd soon but I have other projects I need to get done 
The car is antique ready (25 years old ) so I never redid the inspection but I'm sure you could get one if you want to go that route

I'm asking 3500$ and will consider all reasonable offers not looking for trades I also have the factory wheels.   I can put on and lower the price that way feel free to contact me with more questions.  I'm sure I'm forgetting things

This B13 hatch seems very well done aside from the AC issue.  I have owned a few of these and they are great driving cars for the money.  The VE engine is like the original, but on the juice revving to a crazy 9000 rpms.  Thankfully the original steering wheel is included in the sale. The EVO Recaros are worth every bit of $700 by themselves.

See another car that drives like your hair is on fire for under $3500? email


  1. Had a SER with that motor fun and fast !

  2. This is a great find and I'm pleased to hear that the original wheels are available from the seller - would love to get it as close to stock appearance as possible for sleeper effect.

    I'm also a former B13 SE-R owner and imagine I'll have an SR20 again some day...


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