Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Suns Out, Guns Out: 1998 Mercedes SL500

Today's feature is what happens when you take a classy late 90's roadster and throw the entire euro car modification playbook at the wall.  Lambo doors seem to work best on a Lambo, but we find them on this face-lift Mercedes R129 roadster along with whatever the builder deemed appropriate for this ersatz Diablo edition.  Two things are almost for certain here: someone paid an outrageous amount of money to create the car and the results would only make Xzibit proud.  Find this 1998 Mercedes SL500 for sale in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for $8,900 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

1998 Mercedes Benz SL500 AMG 48,479k miles blk Panoramic removable hardtop $8,900 OBO
AC low on freon, Pwr Seats non op have new switches, runs great driving daily so miles going up, don't buy if you don't want attention when you open the doors up in the air
This car was customized, as in not a factory Diablo AMG, MB never made one, original sticker price was $90,000

Original mod list:
1. Full AMG Ground Effects
2. Custom SLR Grill and Lights
3, Custom Gullwing Doors
4. AMG Lighted Door Sills 
5. Custom Leather Interior
6, Panoramic Roof $15,000
7. Hand Painted Pin Stripe
8, Custom Black Paint 11 Coats Clear Coat
9. Radar/Lazer Scrambler System 
10. New Brembo Brake System Upgrade Rotors, Pads, Red Calipers
11. New Billstein Shocks. Upgrade
12. New HD Battery
12A. New High Speed Tires
12B. New AMG Wheels
13. New Black Soft Top
14. Extra Wood Trim Interior
15. Wood Steering Wheel & Wood Shift Knob
16. Navigation System, Backup Camera, In Dash DVD TV CD (Not in it now), Satellite Radio (Fee Paid for life of car?)
17. 6 CD Changer In Trunk
18. Blue Tooth Hands Free Telephone System ??
19. Custom Embroidered Cocoa Mats Custom Monogrammed Leather Insert (SL500 AMG Custom Diablo Edition) 
20. Custom Alum AMG Pedals Gas Brake Park Brake Footrest
21. Custom Door Mirrors With Wrap Around Clear Signal lights when turn signals blink
22. Custom Car Cover 
23. Panoramic Hardtop Stand and Custom Cover ($25,000 new)
24. 5 Mercedes Star Badges (Who puts one on a headrest?)

One For Sale sign was not good enough for the front windshield.  It is a shame that the pictures are not of high enough quality to see the eleven coats of clear coat applied to the paint job.  The listing doesn't say if current owner bought the car as-is or actually paid someone for all the modifications.  The dollar figure for the panoramic roof sounds just a bit off.

See another Diablo edition anything?


  1. There is no way is this from Florida (heavy sarcasm detected)

  2. Ehh, I never really liked the "limited edition" car thing and this is kind of along the same lines as when a manufacturer partners with a popular brand of the time. This SL500 isn't even OEM (which makes it worse). It just comes across as a weak attempt to enhance value, IMO... or at least the ones from back in the day did... like the ASC McLaren Mustang, Nautica Edition Villager mini van or the Subaru LL Bean thing. I know, I know... Ford and Eddie Bauer had huge success, but again, short of int/ext colors and Ed's name on the headrest, what else did you really get?

    I guess they're still doing it though. More recently with the John Varvatos edition Chrysler 300. You got a slight appearance package tweak, special wheel color and gauges and a clock "inspired by John Varvatos’ timepieces". *gasp!* #BallerStatus

    1. ... but yes, ok, you don't see these kinds of doors every day.

  3. Return the doors to normal hinges and drive the heck out of it.

    Check out the after-purchase thread in 2016 here on MBWorld:


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